Best Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews & Buying Guides – 2020

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Ladies, the days of false eyelashes are over! Fashion has changed over the years, and the time for fakes is long gone. The choice of beautifying the eyes has evolved from typical makeup and mascara to eyelash extensions. The art of eyelash extensions equals that of skilled craftsmanship, with people going to professionals to have the eyelash extensions attached to their natural eyelashes. Extensions have a more natural, attractive look. However, for the best results, both in looks and convenience, the choice of glue for eyelash extensions have become vital. So, why are you late? Just read the post and choose your Best Eyelash Extension glue which makes your eyes look more attractive, more beautiful.

Why Buy Eyelash Extension Glue?

Eyelash extension glue is vital in attaching the eyelash extensions to the natural eyelashes. As with all sorts of glue, the main property sought after is adhesion. This works in two ways.

First, eyelashes and eyelash extensions are small and extremely thin. As a result, when attaching the extensions to natural eyelashes, extreme care needs to be taken so that the final look that is achieved looks natural to the eye. People who have experience in sewing will know how difficult it is to put the string through the needle. Well, imagine having to keep two tiny pieces of string touching one another, at a precise measurement, for 10 seconds. Needless to say, that is one experience I would not wish on anybody!

That is where the first property of eyelash extension glue comes in- it causes eyelash extensions to stick to eyelashes IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. This beats having to hold the two together for an uncomfortably long time any day.
Secondly, unlike fake eyelashes, extensions need to stay in place for a much longer time period (almost 1-2 months). This requires a glue that is potent enough to maintain adhesion for such a long time. That is exactly where eyelash extension glue comes in- keeping your eyelashes attached to the extensions for long periods at a stretch. Better yet, it also is not harmful to the eyelashes, unlike regular glue. But don’t take my word for it, just ask a friend who has tried regular glue, with disastrous consequences!

Needless to say, if you want to get all the benefits of a powerful glue without causing damage to your pretty little lashes, extension glue is the way to go.

Top 7 Best Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews

۞  STACY LASH Extra Strong professional eyelash extension glue
۞  FLOW LASH Extra Strong Hold professional eyelash extension glue
۞  SKY S+ Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Powerful Strong Black Adhesive
۞  BEAU LASHES Ultra Sensitive Pro+ Professional Eyelash Extension Glue
۞  LONRIS DIAMOND SENSITIVE Premium Eyelash Extension Glue
۞  INFINIT VOLUME PLUS Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive
۞  PURE LASH BLACK LABEL Ultra Volume Plus Professional Grade

Best Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews

With that said, let’s introduce you to our pick for the top 7 Best Eyelash Extension Glue. Apart from the 1st on the list, the order does not indicate if one is absolutely better.


1. STACY LASH Extra Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

The number one spot on this list is the Stacy Lash Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue. It is considered the premier extension glue because of its strong adhesion and top quality chemical composition.

It is said to take 1-2 seconds to dry, an incredibly short time for joining the eyelashes to the extension (recall from earlier, the lower the time the better). The glue retains adhesion for as long as 7 weeks. The fact that it dries quickly and sticks for so long makes it one of the best products in the market in terms of adhesion.

However, because of its power, this glue gives off moderate levels of fumes (leading to an unpleasant smell). The glue itself is also thin, which ensures it dries quickly, but it also makes it watery.

STACY LASH Extra Strong professional eyelash extension glue


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Fast drying time
  • Latex Free


  • Above average fumes
  • Causes burning sensations
  • Needs expert hands for use

The quality content and adhesive potency make it the go-to choice for professionals of eyelash extensions. Trust in the professionals to recommend the best for you, and that is why the Stacy Lash Extra Strong takes our TOP SPOT.


2. FLOW LASH Extra Strong Hold Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

The Flow Lash Extra Strong Hold takes our second spot. As the name suggests, this glue is all about adhesion, boasting a drying time of a mere 1.5 seconds, and sticking for as long as 8 whole weeks. This makes it especially developed for expert use. The facts show that this glue is the leader in adhesion, making it the strongest extension adhesive in the market.

On the other hand, it also gives off a certain level of fumes, owing to its high potency. It is also watery, making it difficult to apply on to eyelashes before putting on the extensions.

Another plus side of this is that it is free of formaldehyde latex. Formaldehyde is known to cause allergies, and its absence makes sure Flow Lash Extra Strong Hold will not cause latex allergies.

FLOW LASH Extra Strong Hold professional eyelash extension glue


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Fast drying time
  • Formaldehyde Latex Free


  • Above average fumes
  • Watery
  • Causes irritation to the eyes

The impressive sticking properties of this glue makes it one of the best lash extension glue currently available. Even though it also requires expert eyelash extension stylists, an able hand is certainly necessary for a glue of this caliber.


3. SKY S+ Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Powerful Strong Black Adhesive

The next one of this list is an able performer, but one tailored to people who have a difficult time withstanding bad odor. It also has an impressively short drying time (1-2 seconds), essentially tailored for experts. It also retains adhesion for around 6-7 weeks, making it a strong adhesive agent.

Despite the impressive longevity of adhesion, it does cause irritation to the eyes. As a result, experts recommend people with sensitive eyes to avoid using this glue.

Another added advantage is that has almost no fumes. This makes it much more pleasant to work with since many eyelash extension glue brands have a noticeably unpleasant odor.

It is also one of the cheaper extension glue brands, which is why it is a popular choice for first-time users of extension glue. However, it does contain the allergy-causing chemical Formaldehyde, which is why it could cause irritation in people’s eyes.

SKY S+ Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Powerful Strong Black Adhesive


  • Adhesion lasts long
  • Fast setting time
  • Essentially no fumes


  • Not for sensitive eyes
  • Contains Formaldehyde


The fact that it has good adhesion and is fumeless makes it a good choice. Furthermore, it is priced lower than the premium brands in the market. This is why, despite being 3rd on this list, the SKY S+ is the best budget extension glue on this list.


4. BEAU LASHES Ultra Sensitive Pro+ Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

As the name suggests, the Beau Lashes Ultra Sensitive Pro+ is for people with sensitive eyes. It has a decent drying time (3-4 seconds) and retains adhesion for around 5-6 weeks. This makes it the best adhesive among sensitive extension glue types. It also contains no latex and formaldehyde, meaning it is unlikely to cause eye allergies.

Another great property of this glue is that it retains its sticking abilities in places where humidity is low. The lack of moisture in those areas causes the glue to dry up too fast, taking away sticking properties and ultimately separating eyelashes from the extensions.

The longer drying times mean that absolute mastery in the art of eyelash extensions is not necessary. However, it also means it takes more time for the extension to stick to the eyelashes. You may revisit the ‘string and the needle’ problem to remind yourself what the problem is!

BEAU LASHES Ultra Sensitive Pro+ Professional Eyelash Extension Glue


  • Good for sensitive eyes
  • Adapted to low humid areas
  • Latex and Formaldehyde Free


  • Takes longer to dry
  • Loses adhesion earlier than others
  • Not suitable for humid areas

The Beau Lashes Ultra Sensitive Pro+ is the undisputed king of glue adapted for sensitive eyes. With decent adhesion and an eye-friendly ingredient composition, it is a good choice for people with allergies, and also first-time users of extension glue.


5. LONRIS DIAMOND SENSITIVE Premium Eyelash Extension Glue

The Lonris Diamond Sensitive eyelash extension glue is the high-quality glue that is adapted to people with all forms of sensitivities. It has no fumes, i.e. odorless, and contains no latex or formaldehyde.

The packaging includes a silica gel-seal which makes the bottle airless inside. This helps preserve the glue for a longer time period. The glue has to be brought out via a needle, which further preserves the glue by making sure it is not exposed to air.

However, its adhesive properties last between 3 and 4 weeks, a time range significantly lower than the powerful alternatives. It also takes around 6-7 seconds to dry out. This means that people with low skills in eyelash extensions can also apply this on their own. However, this also increases the likelihood of making a mistake (the string-needle problem all over again!).

LONRIS DIAMOND SENSITIVE Premium - Best Eyelash Extension Glue


  • Contains no fumes
  • Good for sensitive eyes
  • Latex and Formaldehyde Free


  • Takes longer to dry
  • Adhesion wears out much earlier
  • Very thick glue

Given that it emphasizes on user sensitivity over adhesive power, the Lonris Diamond Sensitive one can be let off the hook for performing somewhat poorly. In short, it is an ideal choice for sensitive users and beginner eyelash extension stylists.


6. INFINIT VOLUME PLUS Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive

The Infinit Volume Plus packs a strong adhesive punch, and with it comes some good and some bad. It has an impressive drying time of 1-2 seconds and is said to last as long as 7-8 weeks. Needless to say, expert help is advised when using it. However, many customers have experienced inconsistent adhesion retention time. One of the suggested reasons was that the glue is thick, and slightly higher temperatures cause it to lose adhesion.

On the downside, the strength brings along with it high levels of fumes. This causes discomfort in the form of odor, and this glue has a particularly strong one. It is also said to cause noticeable irritation to the eyes.

It is also latex and formaldehyde free.

INFINIT VOLUME PLUS Premium - Best Eyelash Extension Glue


  • Dries fast
  • Nozzle Blocking prevents leak
  • Latex and Formaldehyde Free


  • Inconsistent adhesion retention
  • Causes burning to the eyes
  • Very thick glue

The powerful adhesion makes it one of the best in sticking properties. However, inconsistencies caused by higher temperatures and sensitivity issues caused by the powerful formula makes it difficult for sensitive users. This is why most people who enjoyed it gave raving reviews, while several people had an awful experience with it.


7. PURE LASH BLACK LABEL Ultra Volume Plus Professional Grade

The final product on this list is the Pure Lash Black LabelUltra Volume Plus. This is another very powerful glue. It has a quick drying speed, taking 1-2 seconds to dry out. It also retains adhesion for up to 7-8 weeks. The strong adhesive properties make it stand out from the crowd.

It also comes in air-tight packaging. A combination of silica-gel walls and a red needle makes sure glue does not leak, and air does not enter the bottle.

However, as with all other powerful adhesive glue brands, the Pure Lash Black Label Ultra Volume Plus is known to cause irritation in the eyes. However, unlike most powerful ones, it has low fumes and less odor.

PURE LASH BLACK LABEL Ultra Volume Plus - Best Eyelash Extension Glue


  • Low Fumes
  • Fast drying
  • Long lasting


  • More expensive than most
  • Causes burning to the eyes


Ways Of Choosing The Right Eyelash Glue

Still confused about which eyelash adhesive is best for you? Now I’m going to show you ways of choosing the right eyelash extension glue.

  • Allergic Problem

Know your skin first. Around the world, many people suffer from allergic problem to whose Latex and Formaldehyde is not perfect. Though you use the best lash extension glue that contains Formaldehyde or Latex, you must suffer. So, stay away from these ingredients. If you have sensitive skin with allergenic, then try the Latex and Formaldehyde free eyelash extension glue.

  • Humidity and Temperature

In which area do you reside? Hearing this question, you may start thinking what the relation between the living area and the buying guide is (!), right? Well, let me inform you that the area you abide in is also one of the major considerable aspects of picking the right glue. Some of the glue is suitable for low humidity, some are for high. For example, BEAU LASHES Ultra Sensitive Pro+ Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is perfect for low humid areas. If you stay in the area with high humidity, avoid this glue. That’s it…

  • Thinner or Thicker

After applying the glue, some glue takes longer to dry out, some dry out in a short time. The thinner glue dries out quickly; it takes only a few seconds. On the contrary, the thicker glue takes longer to dry out. If you have haste to work, then avoid thicker glue. For some people, it seems irritation. For you are a beginner, we will suggest to you buy thicker glues, because, while attempting to adjust the eyelashes with the thinner glue, the glue may dry out before the eyelashes being in placed properly.

  • The Color of The Glue

Two colors of the eyelash glue are available in the market- black and clear. ‘Which glue you should buy’ is depends on the style you want. For the individuals with darker complexions, try the black glues to add a dark accent. Otherwise, buy the clearer glue. For the brown or black lashes, black glues are the best.


That Wraps Up All 7 Best Eyelash Extension Glue Brands On This List!

1. Which is the best glue for me?
A: That depends on preference. If you want your extensions to stay on longer, a powerful glue will suit you. However, if you have a history of allergies, the milder, sensitive ones may be better. Better safe than sorry!
2. How should I store the glue?
A: It should be kept someplace that is at a mild temperature, but not under sunlight or near a heat source. Poorly lit shelves or cabinets will do.
3. My glue changed color. Is that normal?
A: Yes. Shake it well before use, since the chemicals of the glue separate when the bottle is still for too long.

4. How long does eyelash extension glue last once I open the cap?

A: After opening the cap of the glue, it may last for 2-6 months. It depends on how you treat with the glue. If you store the glue in the ideal temperature and humidity; it will last for around 6 months. Before storing the glue, close the cap tightly.
5. Can I take shower with the eyelash extension?

A: After the application of the eyelash extension with glue, don’t let the eyelashes wet for 24-48 hours. Once the adhesive gets dried up and attached with the natural eyelash, you will be allowed to take shower.

6. Will the natural lashes get damaged or harmed with extension glue?

A: Good quality eyelash extension glue is not harmful to the natural lashes. They won’t damage the natural lashes if you apply extension glue properly. Don’t rub your eyes rapidly and randomly. It causes fall out of the natural lashes.

7. How can I learn that the adhesive is gone bad?
A: There are some signs of knowing the way of your glue condition. The ways are:

  • Once you open up the cap of the adhesive bottle and keep it open for longer, it may get damaged.
  • Shake the bottle, the glue doesn’t get mixed well. Even if mixed up well, the glue will separate quickly.
  • Sometimes, the wasted glue doesn’t come out of the bottle.
  • Your extension lashes won’t get stuck to the natural eyelashes with the bad glue.

Different Types Of Eyelash Glues

Three different types of eyelash extension glue are available in the market. These glues are used for different specific procedures. Which one you should buy is mostly depends on the eyelashes as well as your skill. Here the types below:

  • Surgical Lash Glue

This type of glue is recommended for professionals. If you have no professionalism, please stay away from this type of glue. This type of glue is highly recommended for the mobile beauticians and makeup artists who have a good hand.

  • Individual Lash Adhesive

This type of glue is used for multi-purposes for its more versatile. That’s why anyone can freely apply individual lash glue to create a stylish and unique look she wants. This type of adhesive is stronger than other types of glue. The downside of this glue is to take off. To take off this extension glue, you have to be more careful. Use Extension remover; otherwise, it will be painful to pluck off.

  • Strip Lash Adhesive

This type of glue is a popular type of glue for its effectiveness and it’s easy to apply with versatile purposes. It lasts through the day; and easier to remove compared to other glue. The best aspect of this glue is that it is a latex-free formula. So, there is no reason to fear for the people of latex intolerance. It also works with any color, and no eyelash extension glue remover is needed to remove it.


Well, that ends our list of top 7 Best eyelash extension glue! Be sure to do your own research and look at other people’s reviews before buying, keeping in mind what your eye sensitivity is like. Finally, the wand is only as great as the wizard, and the same applies when using extension glue. If you select the right one for you and apply it properly, you should be good to go.

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