Best Five Bread Maker Safety Tips

Making bread can be a task with a simple aspect, but being exposed to high temperatures continuously makes many people opinions change because the fact of getting burn is not a game at all.

Creating a soft and fluffy sensation, with that rich and delicious aroma that we perceive when coming into contact with fresh bread is a job with a great story behind good experiences, and others not so good.

Often the great chefs who work in this area are people who suffer multiple accidents, mostly from burns. So, what can we do to avoid this? In this question, we have based ourselves to design a list of 5 wise safety tips that you should take into account when preparing those delicious bread you love.

Best Five Bread Maker Safety Tips

The first of the tools that a bread maker should have is an ideal wardrobe. The Portuguese considered this point something sacred, and as many will know, Portugal is the heart of the best bread makers. They believed when they put on their cooking clothes they had acquired the power to create the best bread in the world, but what really happened was that they found the satisfaction of greater security. For this reason, it is our first point. A light colored wardrobe with long sleeves that completely cover your arms is the most ideal. Light colors are a repellent of high temperatures, and covering your arms with cloth of these could diminish the burning sensation in your skin, which will give you greater mobility and confidence in front of your oven when you are performing your magic.

bread maker safety tips

The second important thing you should have in mind is your hands. Your hands are your most important tool in the kitchen, without them, you would be lost in the desert without a drop of water. For this reason, you must guard them jealously. Nowadays millions of ideal gloves have been developed in size, weight, and texture for the hands of different Chefs and they have been recognized by them all over the world, so you should look for a couple of them. Most of these are adapted for each type of work within the kitchen, where clearly those of bread making has a very particular aspect. Generally, they are wide, cushioned gloves that, thanks to technology, have been advanced and currently have microfibers of a special material that acts as a heat insulator. What is sought with this is to maximize the safety of your hands when you put them in the oven, which is at really high temperatures, to manipulate their rich and delicious bread.

In third place, we have the safety boots. Many people think that this might not be necessary inside the kitchen, but they are wrong. The first design of safety boots was thought by a fanatic of the Chinese kitchen, who tried to make a dish suffered a burn on his feet which took him to be some days inside a hospital. The boots, reinforced with rubber and iron, are an important element within the entire industrial sector. Its shape is designed to be a tool with multiple functions, one of them being to create a high-temperature insulation and avoid strong blows in the body support area. Its weight is considerable and even in many cases uncomfortable, but this has a meaning because they help people to maintain a constant balance on the ground avoiding twisting, sliding, among others. For these reasons, it becomes a tool of indispensable character for all breadmakers. What is sought with this is to achieve greater body stability, avoid kinks while walking to the hot oven and multiple strokes that often occur while cooking, then, a careless balance in your feet can mean weeks in a hospital with burns of high degrees or even, life itself?

The Knowledge of the emergency area in case of fires is very important. When handling the heat, the kitchen becomes a place very prone to fires, for this reason, knowing the various emergency mechanisms is essential that every cook must know. Every kitchen must have an emergency plan, it must be composed of escape routes and flammable control equipment that, the people who are inside the place must learn to drive, therefore, they are the first to be able to act as well as, the first to be affected. In this sense, and as a fourth objective, it is advisable to maintain an emergency plan. What is sought with this is to maximize the safety of workers and avoid considerable losses, whether of a material or human nature?

Controllers and temperature indicators are important. Technology has grown exponentially in recent years, integrating everything that comes its way, and of course, the kitchen has not escaped it. Nowadays, there are digitized ovens that perform the tasks of chefs much easier, with less effort and in less time, because they have high quality automated systems that provide them with these possibilities. For this reason, it is recommended to move forward with the technology. While it is true that changing an old oven for a more sophisticated one can be a big expense, you also have to keep in mind that it is not the only way to update yourself. There are several digital controllers that act as a thermometer for more conventional ovens, these controllers regularly report what temperature the ovens handle, whether there is an increase or not. What is sought with this is to have a greater control of the ovens? Being able to interpret what is going on inside them and avoid a failure could mean the lives of many people.

So, you know, you can choose to make lower category bread by being concerned about the risk of your kitchen, or you can raise that quality to a higher level and feel comfortable keeping your best instrument safe and complete, your hands.

Remember that good bread carries the time and dedication of a valuable person behind and therefore must be safe.

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