The Best Human Hair Wigs In The World

What Is Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs made from human hair, used for restyling of your hair. The reason why it is made from real hair is to make it feel soft, real, and to enhance the overall look. These human hair wigs are washable and easy to restyle.

Synthetic hair wigs are also an option if you need a cost effective option.

No manufacturers say negative about their products at all. Rather they add extra false features of the hair wigs you must love!

Just do think to yourself, if all wig companies claim their wig as the best human hair wigs in the world so confidently, then our question is- which are the good wigs? And which are bad?

Hope you are getting our points… The qualities of all hair wigs are not a hundred percent good rather those come up with both good and bad qualities.

Then How Can You Find The Best Hair Wigs?

We know the ways… It’s a comparison!

Yes, comparing the quality of the product is the best way to find out the best wigs from the garbage!

In this article, we have picked some top-quality wigs for your convenience. Moreover, we also add the hair wig buying guides so that you will know the secret tricks to choose the perfect one.

So, kick your worries out and keep reading this article till the rest of the bottom line.

Top 7 Best Human Hair Wigs In The World And Their Features


Manufacturers are producing a lot of hair wigs with different diversities. That’s why it’s very difficult to judge the quality of a wig.

In this case, surfing over tons of customer reviews, we have tried our best to find out the negative beneath the good words about the wigs.


#1. Amella U Part Glueless Human Hair Wig

From the top-rated wigs, we picked this up for its incredible features that satisfied us. It is a glueless wig with 9 different hair lengths from 12 inches to 28 inches.

To tell the quality of the hair, we cannot but mention its natural look and softness. It’s thicker and bouncy. Really amazing! The hair is black, wavy, and you can change the style and color like your natural hair.

Another most important feature is it’s easy to wear and take off, take only 3-5 minutes… unbelievable! Just wear and install with clips. Considering all these qualities, it’s an affordable hair wig.

Amella U Part Glueless Human Hair Wig
  • Brazilian human hair wig with wavy texture
  • 150% hair density for more bouncy
  • 22 inches to 22.5 inches middle size cap for medium size head
  • A 2”×4” U-shaped opening front part
  • There are 4 clips around the U shaped part
  • No lace, just an adjustable back strap
  • Easy to install and blend with the natural hair and scalp
  • Non-lace and glueless
  • Allow restyling and Dying at any time
  • No need to worry about hairline
  • Very comfortable for the non-experts
  • You need to prepare your real hair before and after wearing this wig
  • No more major issues are found. But we checked a lot of reviews and found some issues such as split ends, or shedding problems. But the seller is always there to fix the issues. So, we recommend this for you.
User Guide
  • Don’t curl with hot flat-irons
  • Wash the wig and use the best quality conditioner regularly. If you wear it regularly, then wash it once or twice a week.
  • Don’t use hot water to wash it. Use cool water
  • Don’t rub or twist harshly while washing
  • To detangle the hair, use run the wide-tooth comb or your finger through the hair
  • Avoid hair drier or direct sun rays to dry. Let it dry under the natural air
  • Overusing the flat irons or hot curlers shorten the hair life
Note: If you need a larger or smaller cap size, then please skip this product.

#2. Pizzaz Lace Front Glueless Human Hair Wig For Black Women

This is also an amazing deep wavy hair wig that is available in different hair lengths from 10 inches to 26 inches. It has Swiss lace which is very comfortable for its breathability. It’s brown and almost invisible.

The cap size is medium (customizable, just let the seller know your size) and you can adjust it with the adjustable strap. That’s why it is suitable for almost all head sizes. Moreover, the pre-plucked hairline and feature with baby hair give it a more natural look. You can restyle the wavy hair as your wish.

The most satisfying feature of this wig is its tangle-free hair. Like your natural hair, you can restyle and color this wig hair occasionally.

If you buy this, you will get a free 3D mink eyelash. So hurry up! 

Pizzaz Lace Front Glueless Human Hair Wig
  • Breathable 13”×4” brown lace front wig
  • Customizable 22.5 inches cap size with an adjustable strap and 4 combs
  • Pre-plucked hairline and baby hair
  • 150% hair density gives natural looks
  • Customizable cap size
  • Almost invisible lace (it satisfied us)
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Same as the real hair and durable
  • Allow you DIY
  • Doesn’t have any bleached knot
  • Frequent washing causes shedding
User Guide
  • Wash the hair on a regular basis
  • Before washing, detangle the hair carefully
  • Never let it dry under the sun or hairdryer
  • Don’t use excessive heat to straighten the hair
  • Don’t sleep wearing the wig when it is wet. Before sleeping or lying, make sure that the hair is completely dry

#3. Enoya Hair Italian Yaki 360 Lace Frontal Wig for Black Women

For black women, this is another best choice with no synthetic material. If you love styling your hair with color for seasonal parties, keep your steps forward to buy it. It has no wave actually rather it comes with almost 18 inches long, dense, lush and straight hair.

There is an option to choose from two different sizes- one is 10 inches top silk and another is 14 inches top silk.

Enoya Hair Italian Yaki 360 Lace Frontal Wig for Black Women
  • Medium-size cap with 22.5 inches circumference, 5 inches front lace size, and 2 inches back & side lace size
  • 360-degree lace band with hair weft, sewn in the middle
  • Medium brown Swiss lace
  • 180% density Brazilian Remy Wigs
  • Straight and Natural black color
  • It doesn’t lose the curl pattern
  • No shedding report is found
  • Super soft hair wig even after bleached and oiling
  • You can color it or hit it for styling
  • It doesn’t hold the curl with a flat iron
  • No pre-plucked hairline
User Guide
  • Never use any brush for styling
  • Avoid the random use of flat iron
  • Don’t wash the hair frequently
  • You should wash this (if possible) every 3-4 months
  • Add a dash of mild shampoo into a basin filled with cold or lukewarm water
  • Shake the wig out and rinse it thoroughly in cold water
  • Do not brush the wet hair ever. Let the hair dry
  • Do not let the wig expose to the sun
  • When the hair will completely dry, brush it into a designed style

#4. JYL Loose Wave Silk Base Lace Frontal Wig With Baby Hair

If you want to have a wavy human hair wig with a natural look, then you can check this silk base wig.

The wig has natural hair with wavy hairlines for a better look. 7 different sizes are available from 10 inches to 22 inches. So you have an option to choose that suits you. Capsize is medium, and you can’t customize the size later. So keep your eyes open while buying.

JYL Loose Wave Silk Base Lace Frontal Wig
  • 360 Lace Frontal glueless hair wig
  • Pre Plucked hairline
  • 150% hair density with a medium size cap
  • The perimeter of the lace is 22.5’’x4’’ (front) x2’’ (back). So the front parting space is 4”
  • It is a Glueless hair wig with baby hair around the perimeter
  • Natural color with bleached knots Free-Style
  • 10A Grade product
  • It doesn’t shed
  • Brown lace color offers a more realistic view
  • Not harmful to health
  • You can return it as long as you cut the lace and hair
  • Not well bleached and well plucked.
  • The hair may get knotting due to excessive wash
User Guide
  • Wash up the hair wig regularly.
  • Don’t pull the hair. Detangle the hair gently with hands.
  • Don’t let the wig dry under the sun. Use your hairdryer.
  • Don’t sleep wearing the human wig.
  • Use a hair roller to keep styling after washing up.
  • Flat Iron may shorten the life of the hair wig.

#5. BEEOS Human Bob Hair Wig With Pre-Plucked & Bleached Knots

Do you love short bob wigs? Then BEEOS hair wig is the best option. From 4 different hair sizes, you have an option to choose anyone from 8 inches to 14 inches.

It comes up with good Brazilian Virgin Human hair with no synthetic hair or animal hair. So that you can restyle the hair if you wish. As it is natural black in color, you can DYE it and give it different shapes (but don’t restyle so often).

BEEOS Human Bob Hair Wig
  • Baby hair provides a natural look
  • The circumference of the cap is 22.5 inches. It is customizable
  • Comes with a breathable and comfortable elastic net and adjustable straps
  • Medium brown lace and black hair
  • Pre-plucked natural hairline
  • Brazilian Remy Hair texture
  • You can customize the capsize
  • Very natural look ultra-soft hair
  • Doesn’t get tangled at all
  • Less possibility of shedding
  • Easy to wear with wig combs
  • The hair density is not true, thinner than the manufacturer claims
  • Split ends. You need to cut the ends for perfection
User Guide
  • Wash the hair regularly (not frequently, every 2-3 weeks later) and use conditioner
  • Before washing the hair wig, detangle the hair using hands
  • Never rub or twist hair while washing
  • Use mild shampoo and cool water to wash it.
  • Pour the shampoo into the cool water and gently clean the hair till clean
  • Don’t use any brush to comb. Use your fingers to comb the hair gently
  • Don’t let the wig dry under the sun. Dry the hair naturally
  • To avoid tangle and shedding, don’t sleep wearing your wig
  • Don’t use the blow hair dryer with high-temperature settings. Use minimal temperature

#6. Enoya Hair 360 Silk Top Lace Frontal Loose Wave Human Hair Wigs

If you want to buy a wig to wear for the upcoming party or other special reasons, then this is our recommendation. You can buy it.

Furthermore, it has baby hair that will give you cool hair style and the weave will make you the sexiest lady ever.

It comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. So feel free to buy. If you don’t like this, send the wig to the manufacturer within seven days in its original condition. You will pay your money back.

Let’s check its craziest features of it-

Enoya Hair 360 Silk Top Lace
  • Medium-size cap with 22.5 inches circumference, 5 inches front lace size, and 2 inches back & side lace size
  • 14 inches silk top
  • Comes up with a 360-degree lace band with hair weft, sewn in the middle
  • Medium brown Swiss lace
  • 180% density Brazilian Virgin Remy Glueless Wigs
  • Baby hair and natural black color (not jet black)
  • Bleached knot along the hairline
  • Durable under good care
  • Possible to Bleach as the real hair
  • The cuticles keep aligned to keep the hair tangle-free
  • Like the real hair, you can style this as your wish (not for frequent styling)
  • Not suitable for wearing everyday
  • The cap is too small for the shape of a somewhat larger head
  • In humidity, it can get a little curl
User Guide
  • Never use any brush for styling
  • Avoid the random use of flat iron
  • Don’t wash the hair frequently
  • You should wash this (if possible) every 4 months or more
  • Add a dash of mild shampoo into a basin filled with cold or lukewarm water
  • Shake the wig out and rinse it thoroughly in cold water
  • Do not brush the wet hair ever. Let the hair dry
  • Do not let the wig expose to the sun
  • When the hair will completely dry, brush it into a designed style
Note: Don’t buy this for everyday wear. If you wear it every day, you must wash this regularly and the wig will damage soon.

#7. Eayon 9A Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs For African Americans

This is an amazing wig that comes up with 100% real virgin human hair and so it never gets tangled at all. It will give you a silky and soft feel. Moreover, you can easily change the hairstyle if you ever wish. You can make it curl, straight, dyed or blanched.

The feature we like most about this wig is its lace technology. It’s so natural that you can’t even guess that you are wearing a wig. It’s extremely beautiful.

This hair wig offers to choose the hair length from 6 different dimensions from 10 inches to 24 inches. Let’s see why you should buy this…

Eayon 9A Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs
  • Baby hair gives it a natural hairline.
  • 100% virgin hair wig
  • It has four combs attached to the side, elastic bands at the back, a 100% hand-tied lace wig, and an adjustable cap.
  • It has a soft & silky Swiss lace.
  • You can customize the cap size, just let the manufacturer know your requirements
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Natural hair density with no foul smell
  • Suitable for party, vacation, wedding, etc.
  • You can bleach it, curl it, DYI it with natural color
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • Dry ends
  • Strong odor, so you have to wash it
User Guide
  • Wash the hair regularly with deep conditioning.
  • Before washing, detangle the hair with your hands gently.
  • Let the wig dry naturally. The blazing sun can damage it.
  • Never use any brush for styling the curly hair, use your hands.
  • Before using it, comb the hair with narrow-tooth and shake lightly to relax the hair texture
  • To prevent hair tangling, wrap it while sleeping.
  • Using flat iron may shorten the life of the hair. So try to avoid overusing flat iron.
Note: It’s not suitable for brighter skin.

How To Choose A Hair Wig? – Ultimate Buying Guides

It is a little troublesome to choose the perfect hair wig from hundreds of wigs. There are a lot of variations in the hair wig that’s why it is very common to get confused. Less conception is the main cause to get into trouble. Then how should you choose the best and perfect human hair wig?

Here are some points you can follow to buy the right hair wig for you. The common considerable points are the following:

Hair Style

A hair wig can change the style and extra beauty of your outfit. For this, the style of a wig is an important factor to choose. Ask yourself first what style you prefer. There are different styles from where you can choose your desired one. The style mostly depends on face shape!

For beginners, we will recommend choosing a wig with a style that matches your present hairstyle. As a result, you will find to maintain the hair and to make styles easier.

Hair Length

There are three main types of hair length- short wigs, medium wigs, and long wigs.

To use the wig in humid areas, short wigs are better. You can choose short wigs for hot weather conditions. Furthermore, people whose body temperature is always high should pick short wigs. Long wigs are a bit harder to maintain. Except for this, long hair is also perfect. If you like to style your hair in different ways, then long hair is perfect.

Many women are too busy with their respective job. For those, shorter hair wigs are easier to maintain.

Everything depends on you!

Hair Texture

What type of textures do you prefer? There are different types of hair textures that you notice. The most common are- straight and flat, curly and wavy.

Straight and flat hair lies on the head evenly. They are very soft and fine. On the other hand, curly hair, and wavy hair are not level. Many women think that wavy hair and curly hair are the same. But the actual structure is different.

The curly hair is thick and looks like a spring. It’s hard to bring curly hair under control. But wavy hair is softer than curly hair. They are flowing and bouncy. Wavy hair has slight smooth waves and curly hair has a tighter S-shape.

Cap Size

Considering the head size, cap size is also important to fit the wig perfectly. Many hair wigs come with an adjustable strap that will achieve you a comfortable and secure fit. There are a lot of average size hair wigs in the market. For plus size head and minus size head, larger and smaller size wigs are also available.

To get a perfect piece, measure the circumference of your head. According to the head size, three different sizes of the cap are usually available. The sizes are the following:

  • Small size cap: 19-21.5 inches
  • Medium size cap: 22-22.5 inches
  • Large size cap: 22.75-23 inches
Wig Cap for Lace Wigs

The Reason Women Buy Hair Wigs Online

Today, hair wigs have a high demand. Human hair wigs are becoming much popular among all classes of people. But whenever they decide to buy a hair wig, they suffer from hesitation. In this case, the list of the best hair wigs we mentioned above will be their choices.

But there a common question people ask is why buy hair wigs?

Hair not only protects your head from various dirt and the sun’s rays as well but also enhances your beauty too. If you love to express yourself with a new hairstyle, then your real hair can be damaged. Then what will you do? Won’t style your hair?

The answer is- no, NEVER!

You don’t have to stop restyling at all. Human or artificial hair wigs have brought a solution for you. You can restyle it or color it at any time. Need to go to a party? Just take a wig up and wear it and style it as your wish.

Moreover, those guys who have lost their hair or cut off the hair for a reason use hair wigs to hide the real scalp.

Some women use wigs to save time. You know how painful it is to style hair! It takes enough time from your days. But the hair wig freed the women from this torment. Wearing a wig takes only 2-5 minutes.

Some women love to DYE her hair or love to look her hair go with her dress. So, they buy different color/style hair wigs matching with the dress.

Hope you got your answer.


Q: How to measure the circumference of my head?

Answer: Measuring the circumference is enough to determine what size of cap you should pick up. Here are some more points for the advanced users.

  • Starting from the front natural hairline measures the circumference of your head. Follow the hairline around the head. The tape should be run just above the ear to the nape.
  • Now measure from the front hairline to the back of your neck over the crown.
  • The third step is to measure from ear to ear over the crown.
  • Now, measure from ear to ear along the hairline of the forehead.
  • Measure the width of your neck’s nape.

Q: Can I customize my hair wig capsize?

Answer: Sure! You can customize the human hair wig size. For this, you should be an expert. Without knowing how to customize a hair wig size, never do it alone.

Q: What is the difference between synthetic and human hair wig?

Answer: Human hair wigs will achieve you a natural look that is more than a synthetic hair wig.

Whenever you want, you will be able to give the wig a different style. Real human hair is the composition of human hair wigs which offer excellent durability. They are expensive too. Once after washing the hair wig, you have to style the hair additionally.

On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are made out of various types of plastics. They look like human hair wigs. But, like a human hair wig, it is not possible to get a different hairstyle. You have to choose a pre-styled wig. Synthetic hair wigs are very cheap and not so durable.

Q: Can I shampoo my wigs?

Answer: Sure! But pick up the shampoo and conditioner for your wig which are specially made for human hair wig. To make the hair soft and silky, use a conditioner.

Q: What sort of comb I should use?

Answer: To maintain a human hair wig, you should use a wide-tooth comb. There are some special wig combs on the market. Otherwise, a normal comb can pull the hair out of the wig.

It will be better if you avoid plastic brushes. Rather wooden hair brushes are far better than plastic brushes.

Q: How can I make my hair wig long-lasting?

Answer: It is easy to make your hair more durable just by caring properly. You can follow the steps below-

  • Protect your human hair wig from heat. For styling purposes, try to use less heat as possible.
  • Always use mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your wig every 7-8 days.
  • Brush your wig with a wide-tooth comb gently every time you use it. Never brush roughly. For curly hair, run your finger before brushing to detangle the hair.

Q: Can I use oils on the wig?

Answer: To moisturize the wig, you can add oils.

To Sum Up

After Purchasing your hair wig, you can modify it to get a new look. You can DYE it or curl it at any time. But, if you ever modify it once, the manufacturer won’t take it back as a return. So, whatever you want, make sure that you don’t need to return it in the future.

For the best result, always try to attach it with the best quality adhesive. Various types of lace wig glues are available in the market; scrutinize them, and buy the best lace wig glue in the market to get the best bonding solution. Otherwise, though you have the best human wigs glue in the world, the wig won’t be able to make you satisfied. To get more information, follow the user guide that comes with the hair wig.

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