How To Make Human Hair Wig Silky

How To Make Human Hair Wig Silky

It is no secret that hair for women has always been termed as a sign of beauty. Along with certain facial features, physique, and poster overall, the hair also contributes to a women’s beauty as per the very old and still existing traditions. It is no lie that hair is a beautiful part of a … Read more

How To Get Better Lash Retention

how to get better lash retention

Eye and eyelash both together have a leading role in expressing beauty and feelings. Beauty lies in your eyes and your eyelash sparks the BEAUTY to attract guys! That’s why you should pay extra attention to your lashes- especially when talking about lash retention. Most of the falsies lovers complain about the lash retention issue. … Read more

How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig

How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig

So, you use hair wigs for new, different and innovative hairstyles in your everyday life? If you tend to look for different hairstyles to make your looks beautiful and attractive, a wig can make this. But you may face some unavoidable problems when you use a wig. Among these, growing hair under the wig is … Read more

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal When Brushing Hair

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal When Brushing Hair

Everybody desires to have healthy thick hair that is perfect for each style. Healthy thick hair is one of the most attractive things in the human body. In particular, females are very conscious of their hair. A few hair loss does their mood off and starts to think that they are going to be bald … Read more

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?


Who doesn’t like to have attractive thicker eyelashes? Well, every girl wants to have but only a few get it naturally. So, the experts have created some products to make the thin eyelashes look voluminous instantly. Mascara is such a product but the best option is to use eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are a kind … Read more

Does Brushing Your Hair Help It Grow?

Does Brushing Your Hair Help It Grow

Hair is one of the most important and defining parts of the human body. Healthy and shiny hair creates a good impression. On the other hand, hair loss and baldness spoil our self-esteem. So, it’s too important to take care of our hair and abide by all the means that help it grow. There is … Read more

How To Wash Human Hair Wig? Best Tips For You – 2021

how to wash a human hair wig

Hair is one of the best important parts of the human body to look beautiful. Only hairless people can understand the lack of hair. They always become the laughing-stock of others and get upset. Isn’t there any solution to baldness? Well, there are many solutions like medical treatment and so on but they are expensive … Read more