Conair Infiniti Pro Vs Double Ceramic: Which One To Get Your Hands On?

Choosing hair styling products is always a tough call. Added to that, if you have to choose between products of the same brand then the frustration can be infinite. Today, we end one of these infinite frustrations for you: Conair Infiniti Pro vs Double Ceramic. 

Conair is well-recognized for its high-standard hair styling tools. When it comes to choosing between their volumizing and styling brushes; it can prove to be a rush. 

Sweat not! In this one, we will go through an in-depth review of both products to find the one best suited for your hair! Keep on scrolling down! 

Specifications Between Conair Infiniti Pro Vs Double Ceramic

Before getting on to the depths of these two Conair brushes, let’s get introduced to some of their most important specifications. Placing them on a table will aid your brain to get a rounded-up idea about the products. 

SpecificationsConair Infiniti Pro
👉 Our Choice 👈
Conair Double Ceramic
Brush MaterialTourmaline CeramicDouble Ceramic
Weight1.12 ounces5.61 ounces
Dimension‎3.63 x 6 x 15.5 inches9.92 x 3.78 x 3.66 inches
BristleAntistatic boar and nylon bristlesBoar and nylon bristles
Heat settings2 heat settings,No heat settings
Rotation featureRotate in both directionsDon’t rotate
Ionic technologyGenerate IonsNo ions

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5 Key Distinguishable Factors in Conair Infiniti Pro Vs Double Ceramic

  1. Firstly, the weight of Conair Infiniti Pro is about 1.12 ounces whereas Conair Double Ceramic has a weight of about 5.61 ounces
  2. The Infiniti Pro is an electricity-based brush whereas the double ceramic one doesn’t require electricity. 
  3. When it comes to the dimensions of Conair Infiniti Pro and Conair Double Ceramic then they are about ‎3.63 x 6 x 15.5 inches and 9.92 x 3.78 x 3.66 inches respectively. 
  4. The Conair Infiniti Pro adds concentrated ions whereas the Double Ceramic one adds natural oils to the scalp. 
  5. Infiniti Pro is offered with two covers that are not present in the Double Ceramic one. 

In-depth Comparison: Conair Infiniti Pro Vs Double Ceramic

Now, you have a concept of the features at the surface level of both products. It’s time to elevate this discussion. Knowing the importance of these factors can be a great aid in making the proper decision. Without wasting any more seconds, let’s dive straight in!


The type of material used to manufacture the products is always one of the important factors. This controls the weight, durability, and usability of the equipment. 

Conair Infiniti Pro: As stated by the brand, this styling brush is made up of tourmaline ceramic. As a result, it provides the users with unique ceramic technology. This enables equal heat distribution throughout the hair. The materials also include the antistatic boar along with the nylon bristles. 

Double Ceramic: As the name suggests, this one is also made up of ceramic. However, unlike the previous one, this one consists of double the ceramic technology. The boars and nylon bristles are the same in this one too. 

Both are manufactured from ceramic with antistatic boars and nylon bristles. The uniqueness of the INFINITY Pro is its tourmaline ceramic feature that really works nicely. 

Brush Size:

Sometimes the brush size can provide the desired hairstyle that you desire. Many brushes offer quite a satisfactory number of brush sizes. 

Conair Infiniti Pro: This one provides the users with two brush sizes. One is the 2-inch brush which allows the users to add that extra volume to their hair, and the other is the 1 ½ inch brush that is mostly preferred by users to create natural curls. 

Double Ceramic: When it comes to the comparison of offered sizes between Conair Double Ceramic Dryer vs Infiniti Pro, then the double ceramic does have its drawback. This is because it only provides the users with only one specific size. Although it is claimed to be meant for all types of hair. 

The Infiniti Pro has two sizes but Double Ceramic offers only one. 


Another significant factor when it comes to choosing the perfect brush has to be the weight. However, it’s obvious that the lighter the brush, the easier it is for usage as it encourages portability for regular use. 

Conair Infiniti Pro: It has been mentioned previously that this electric brush has a weight of 1.12 ounces which is considered really lightweight. 

Double Ceramic: This double ceramic technology brush has a weight of about 5.61 ounces. 

Double Ceramic brush is comparatively much heavier than the Conair Infiniti Pro. 


Many brushes do provide a wide range of settings for easier usage. However, normal brushes that are not electrically powered lack these settings. 

Conair Infiniti Pro: As this is an electricity-powered tool, therefore, it provides you with an appreciable number of settings for styling your hair. To be more specific, this tool comes with 2 heat settings in addition to a cool setting. Furthermore, there is also the brush rotation feature that enables you to curl your hair in all directions. 

Double Ceramic: This brush is not an electricity-dependent one therefore, lacks these settings. However, it sure does get the job of shining, detangling, straightening, and volumizing your hair done efficiently! 

The Infiniti Pro provides 2 heat settings along with one cooling setting which are not present in the Double Ceramic one. 


Conair Infiniti Pro: This ceramic brush is offered to the users along with the 2 tourmaline ceramic spin airbrush attachments. These attachments are used to dry hair in a much safer way and also allow for more customizable options. Not to forget, you will also be offered two brush covers for protection.

Double Ceramic: This brush is not assisted with any additional pieces of tools as it is a one-piece one. You will also not be offered any covers for this one. 

The Infiniti Pro comes with additional parts which are not present in the Double Ceramic ones. 


One of the most important things when it comes to purchasing anything has to be the price.

In this case, the Infiniti Pro is comparatively much more expensive than the Double Ceramic one. This might be due to the fact that it is an electric one whereas the Double Ceramic is just a ceramic brush. 

Editor’s Choice: 

After going through the details, you must be confident enough to make the right decision. However, as we have helped you this far, why not give our recommendation to make the purchase even easier for you.

If you ask us, then we would say that the Conair Infiniti Pro is a great option when it comes to customization of your styles and efficiency. 

However, if you are on a budget but want to get your hands on a branded product then why not go for the Double Ceramic brush! It shouts efficiency within a reasonable price tag. 


Conair Infiniti Pro:

Final Words

After doing your homework regarding Conair Infiniti Pro vs Double Ceramic why not head out to make the best purchase of your life! Just keep all the requirement boxes ticked along with keeping the happiness of your wallet in mind! Happy hairstyling!