Different Types Of Nail Drill Bits

Everyone knows that nail drill bits have wide variations. Nail bits come with a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and grits. Each of the nail file drills is required for a specific task when you go for filing your nail. You should have a clear idea about their types and usage if you make your nail at home yourself. Otherwise, in spite of having the best nail file drill machine, you will be unable to make your nail; rather if you try yourself without knowing, your nail will be damaged. So, get a basic concept and get practiced properly. Today, we are going to learn different types of nail drill bits and their usage.

Types Of Nail Drill Bits

Nail Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide Nail Drill Bits have flute-cuts that can remove enhancement products such as gel or acrylic from their nails. Carbide Drill Bits are made of carbide metal, and they are long-lasting- 20 times stronger than steel bits.

If you have no experience to remove products with carbide drill bits, please don’t try to use carbide bits yourself. It required much experience to do the task because, while removing products, it can be slipped. Sometimes, for a tiny mistake, it can harm your nail.

Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond Drill Bits are also long-lasting and strong drill bits that are made of diamond partials. It is not used to shave the products off the nail rather it scratch off as it is designed with grids. The grids have also variations from fine to extra rough textures (coarse).

Diamond drill bits have some advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, it performs its job accurately and shortly. Sometimes they remove the products from the nail unevenly, and it is only one disadvantage we have found.

Ceramic Drill Bits

Ceramic bits are also used to shave the material off and available in different coarse from fine to extra coarse. They are also last long and offer less friction at the time of doing a job. Another advantage of ceramic coated drill bits is that they produce less heat, too. You can clean and sterilize ceramic bits easily.

Stone Drill Bits

If your nails are thick enough, then these stone nail drill bits are suitable for you. It is designed especially for the thick nails only. The bits are very strong and last long. To redesign the heavy nails, stone drill bits are perfect.

Titanic Drill Bits

Titanium drill bits are also popular for its long-lasting quality. Titanium bits are coated with gold and produce less heat. Titanium bits are used on the artificial nail. You can also use them on your natural nails if your nails have fungus problems.

Nail Drill Bits Shapes And Their Usage

Different Types Of Nail Drill Bits

Natural Nail Drill Bit

A natural nail drill bit is suitable for those who never acrylic her nails previously. It is made of synthetic rubber. To remove the death cuticles and to smoothen the surface of the fresh nail and cuticles area, natural a nail drill bit is perfect. After every use, it has to be reshaped with a simple hand file.

Barrel Bit

A barrel bit is not suitable for use in the cuticle area as it causes damage in the cuticle area. To smoothen the surface area, it is perfect. Moreover, barrel bit is also used for back fill cutting, shortening or giving the nails a new shape. Both large barrel and small barrel are available in the market.

Mandrel Bit

Mandrel bit is made of rubber or metal and it is perfect for the surface area; especially it is used to remove products from the nail and for pedicure purposes. Before use mandrel bit, you need to slip it into the sanding bands. You should do it carefully as sanding bands produce heat quickly.


UCN bit is usually pointed and small in size and they are used only to clean under the nail. Here, the word “UCN” stands for Under the Nail Cleaning. The pointed end allows cleaning the nail (of course at the under the nail). Besides the underside, ladies use it to clean the sidewall and to make design holes in the nails as well. Different manufacturers provide different sizes of UCN bit.

Cone Bit

Like he UCN bit, a cone bit can also be used to clean the under nail area. This tapered shaped bit is looked long and slim. It is specially made for cleaning the surface area of the toe-nails instead of fingernails. Moreover, it has also versatile usage such as preparing the cuticle area, cleaning the sidewalls and the top of the nails.

Pedicure Bit

Pedicure bit is made of synthetic diamond partials. It produces excessive heat and considering this matter, some of the pedicure bits come with hollow stripes to prevent heat when it is used. This cone-shaped pedicure bit is usually used to remove dry cells from the feet.

Backfill Bit

Backfill bit, also known as Maintenance Bit, is used to replace a white tip powder and to make correction of the smile line. Both the type and size of the backfill bit has versions such as 4-week version bit and 2-week version bit.

Safety Bits

The safety bit is designed for in-fill cuticle work without doing any damage to the nail. The top portion of the bit is rounded and can reach the dermis area easily. It is safe for the cuticle area and the sidewalls. It has variations in shapes and you can use it to work on the surface area, too.


It is very dangerous to use a nail file drill machine for them who are beginners in this field. That’s why we strongly suggest them to learn ‘how to use a nail file drill machine’properly. Otherwise, it causes damage to the nails. If you have a basic concept, about different types of nail drill bits and their usage than practice first. If you purchase a file drill, you will get some of the drill bits. The number of the drill bits may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.