Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Who doesn’t like to have attractive thicker eyelashes? Well, every girl wants to have but only a few get it naturally. So, the experts have created some products to make the thin eyelashes look voluminous instantly. Mascara is such a product but the best option is to use eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are a kind of cosmetic product or false lashes that enhance the length, curl, fullness and thickness of your natural eyelashes. You can apply it to the natural lash, 1-2 mm from the base by using a cyanoacrylate adhesive. It exactly looks like your natural eyelashes.

Nowadays makeovers don’t complete without eyelash extensions. Some even wear it daily. But, unfortunately, most of them are not aware of the risk of using eyelash extensions. They don’t even know whether the eyelash extensions damage their natural lashes or not! You should be conscious of some things when you’re wearing false eyelashes. Today, we will focus on the rules and regulations of wearing eyelash extensions and try to answer some related questions as well.

How To Wear Eyelash Extensions Correctly?

Wearing an eyelash extension perfectly can be tricky and it’s important for avoiding the risks. So, you should know the correct process before applying.

Before all, trim the extensions according to your actual eyelid. You can use the extra portion, at your eye’s outer corner for more volume or when you just want to highlight the outer corner of your natural lashes.

Now, carefully apply the lash glue to the extensions and stick it to your eyelid immediately. This is the toughest part to set the extension onto the lash line perfectly. If you place a mirror under your face almost to a vertical angle, you will be better able to see exactly where to locate the strips. Use a tweezer or fingers to place the strips.

For the last step, wait 30-40 seconds and then apply your eyeliner from the inner corner where the strip band begins. This will help you to hide the line of the band and give you an attractive natural look.


Can It Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

This is the big question that you must focus on. And unfortunately, the answer is yes! There is a high probability of getting your natural lashes damaged if you don’t use the extensions accurately. But if you apply them correctly with eyelash extension glue, they are completely harmless. They won’t create any risk for your eye and natural lashes.

Just make sure that you don’t have a bad habit of rubbing down your eyes or pulling on the extensions. Also, assure that the glue is not getting into your eyes. This can harm your eyesight. The upshot, if you use the extensions correctly and maintain them properly, your natural lashes won’t fall out.

Yes, lashes grow back after lash extensions. If you lose your natural lashes due to lash extensions, they typically grow back in a few months. And if they don’t, consult a dermatologist immediately. It can be a symptom of Alopecia areata, infection, or a hormonal disorder. So, take it seriously.

As well, you can try some home remedies, too. Olive oil, eyelash massage and biotin products are the most popular home remedies that help the lash growth. Although there is no scientific evidence that those things will help eyelashes grow back, however, biotin is such a thing that helps to maintain skin and hair health.

What To Do After Wearing Lash Extensions?

Be careful about some things after wearing eyelashes unless it can damage your natural lashes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes:

Many have a bad habit of rubbing their eyes frequently. This is irritating and disturbing at the same time. You should avoid this while wearing lash extensions because-

  • it can create irritation in your eyes
  • misplace the lash band
  • blend the eyeliner all over your eyes
  • let the dirt and unhygienic particles get into your eyes
  • Natural lashes can fall down.

Don’t Pull The Extensions:

Pulling eyelashes is also a bad habit. As the extensions stick to their place with the help of glue, they will fall down if you pull them. Your natural lashes can fall down also with the extensions.

Be Conscious Of Removing The Extensions:

Removing the lash extensions is tricky also and you should do it in the exact process that experts recommend. Here you need to follow a few steps for removing your lash extensions safely.

Step: 1- Don’t pick or pull at your extensions harshly. That can cause serious damage to your natural lashes. First, remove your eye makeup with an oil-based remover. This will help to loosen the glue bond. But you can’t still pull it. You must keep patience and follow the next step.

Step: 2- Try to take a hot shower or steam. A hot shower also helps to loosen the lash extensions from your natural lashes. But remember not to pick, pluck, rub or pull your lash extensions while taking shower.

Step: 3- After the shower, apply an oil-based cleanser. This will help to dissolve the glue gradually without harming your natural lashes. But it won’t happen instantly, you may use it a few times more to loosen your lash extensions.


Use a professional lash glue dissolver. If your eyelid area is sensitive, a lash glue dissolver is the best option for you. Soak a cotton pad with remover and rub gently through the lash line. This will loosen the glue bond and your lash extensions will fall down gradually. But, make sure that the dissolver is not going into your eyes or it can cause irritation and rashes to your eyes.

Step: 4- The last step is the post-removal care of your eyelashes. After removing the extensions your eyelid deserves extra attention. Use an eye massage cream to relax your eyes and control dark circles.

The eyes are one of the most important and sensitive parts of human life. We can’t take any risk with our eyes. So, before using any eye makeup product, make sure that it won’t do any harm to your eyes and eye parts. We hope that the discussion was useful and you will definitely follow the secure manner of wearing eyelash extensions.


In this modern era, ladies use false lashes to add extra beauty on the eyes. There is no issue with this trend, but the problem is many girls don’t know how to use eyelash extensions properly. That’s why they are to suffer!

It is true that eyelash extensions are not safe for natural lashes. But, if you know the downsides of falsies, you can protect your natural lashes from ruining only with proper care and add eyelash extensions in the right way.