Best Hair Tips And Tricks for Your Busy Lifestyle

Today, living in the modern era, women are working home and abroad to keep pace with the society. They have to go to work with a refreshed look. For that, they styled up their hair in various ways. At every stage of life, women like to appear in different hairstyles. But, they often ask a common question, that is how I take care of my hair. They also ask me to provide some top hair care tips they should follow.

With a busy life, it is almost difficult to take proper care of the most attractive part of the body that reflects our attitude and thinking. If you are too much busy with your daily life, and can’t schedule yourself to get enough time for taking care of your hair, we are here to minimize the mistakes which are done by you regularly. Also, I’m going to provide some top hair care tips with which your hair remains soft, smooth, and natural you always wanted.


It is necessary to wash your hair with shampoo because dirt hidden in your hair creates dandruff and increases hair fall. If you use shampoo twice a week it’s ok, but more than twice is harmful, and your hair lost its natural oil, and moisturizer. As a result, the hair started to damage.

Another most important fact you shouldn’t avoid is selecting the right shampoo. There are lots of brands worldwide. Before buying any shampoo, check out whether the brand is trusted or not. If you don’t have any choice, you can try Kevin Murphy Hair Shampoo.


After using shampoo, you may use a conditioner, for remaining your hair straightener. Apply conditioner 3 inches away from your scalp. In other words, just apply at the end of your hair. Using conditioner on your scalp can damage your hair from the root, and it started to fall. Moreover, there are many non-branded hair conditioners that may damage your hair so quickly. So, before purchasing any hair conditioner, you must be careful. You can check out some of our recommended hair conditioners for less hair damage.

Note: If you don’t want to use conditioner or want an alternate way then you may use Aloe vera, olive oil and egg mixing up and apply it on your hair from root to end for an hour and then wash it with shampoo and clean water.

If Aloe Vera is not available, you can use Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, or Olive Oil on your scalp. Apply one of the oil on your hair at the night, before the day you’re going to shampoo and massage your scalp with your finger. Messaging your scalp will increase your blood circulation quickly. It also nourishes your hair and repairs it from damage.


Using dry shampoo is the simplest and time-consuming way, which makes you a party ready without any complications. Dry shampoo soaks up oil and grease. Most of the users don’t know what to do after doing shampoo. You should apply it at the roots and blast it out with a dryer. Most of the people rub it. But removing the product is also needed to get rid of excess dirt and oils. A hairdryer can do it quickly. Here are some of the hair dryers you may check out.


Nowadays, curling hair is one of the parts of fashion. But people hardly know the rules on how to get curly hair. There are lots of ways to use a curling iron. If you like to curl like a pro, you have to switch from holding it vertically or horizontally. Your curls will be beautiful, and hair will not damage for heat. But, getting the curl without a bit of hair damage, we will suggest you purchase the best product from any trusted source. Here are some of the best flat irons you may use to curl.


Different brushes provide different functions. There are various sizes of round brushes that give straighten, enhance, or a soft wave of hair. Boar-bristle brushes improve smoothness by polishing the cuticle layer. Wet brushes with soft bristles and flexible pads gently detangle wet hair quickly. To detangle long hair paddle brushes are mostly used. Using only one brush for more tasks may seem easy but it is not best for your hair.

For combing hair, you should use wooden hair brushes. Many people choose plastic or metallic hair-brushes that are not healthy at all. If you are using a plastic brush for a long time, your hair may have the risk of damage. The natural wooden bristles help to untangle and brush your hair. When combing your hair, there are less likely to break as the wooden bristles are soft, durable, and wide. After getting a perfect haircut with immaculate aesthetic, a bit of static will mess it. To prevent static completely, use a wooden hairbrush. Synthetic and metal brushes are static producers.

If you feel to style your hair, you can use electric hair straightener brush from the trusted source. According to your hair type, you have to purchase the right hair straightener.


Among the top hair care tips, taking a balanced diet is one of the most important points. Most of us accept the word “Diet” in the wrong way. Diet is not for maintaining figures by eating only 2 times in a day. Balance diet is the menu, following which you get all food ingredients that are required for your body for daily need. Changing your daily food habits is a crying need for your hair care. You should eat at least an egg and a glass of milk every morning.  Eat fruits containing vitamin C. If you are a street food lover, try to avoid oily food as soon as possible. Oily food is harmful to your body as well as your hair. Try to eat almonds every day. These foods will stimulate hair growth as well as reduce hair loss. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grain products to nourish your hair. They contain protein, minerals, biotin, and other nutrients.


When you style your hair in different ways, you probably pull them tightly. Using many bobby pins or rubber bands tightly can uproot your hair from the root. Finding them as intolerable, your hair may detach from any point. When you braid your hair with various styles, don’t pull them back roughly. Your hair is a sensitive part of your body when you pull them back roughly for a long time, its blood circulation may decrease and that causes hair fall.


Starting with the root to the end of your hair can create a mess and tangled to tease. While teasing your hair, make sure that you tease from the last portion of your hair, then sequentially middle and at last from the top of your hair. As a result, hair fall will increase. So, comb each section slowly. Quickly teasing can damage your hair and increase hair fall. Before going to sleep and after waking up, tease your hair like this way which helps you to increase blood circulation.


Wet strands are much more fragile and prone to breakage and the harsh fibers of a towel can be too aggressive. So, you can use your old tees instead of using a towel. T-shirt is easier on your hair and can help keep it healthier.


Make sure the root of your hair is always dry. During hot summer season hair get wet by sweating and in the rainy season, rainwater keeps your hair also wet. If your hair remains wet for a long time hair will be weak from the root and will be uprooted. Hence your hair fall will be increased.


Reading continuously about articles on the top hair care tips is not the solution for hair problems. To get healthy hair, you must follow them accurately. Also, you must avoid the cheap hair products, because these poor hair products are harmful to the hair. I hope, these hair care tips will help you to get healthy, shiny and lustrous hair that all men love.