Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Short Hair – Best Tips 2022

Fashionable hairstyles are the best way to manage your hair. It also helps to look tidy and smart. Half up half down is a very common hairstyle among the girls. You can apply this style to both long and short hair. Long hair is easy to style. On the other hand, half up half down hairstyles for short hair is quite difficult. Tie up or style with half of the hair and let another half be open. Different types of styles are possible with half of the hair like- topknot, twisting, pin-up etc. These are very easy that you can do it at home without any professional help.

Nowadays women are too busy with both home and office. They can’t get enough time to maintain their hair properly. Since short hair is easy to maintain, the tendency of keeping hair short is noticeable.

Here presenting some half up half down hairstyles to style your short hair very easily.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Short Hair

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. The Sleek Hun

“The Hun” is one of the latest fashion trends for hair. At first, you need to dry 90% of your hair. Then apply some texturing hair spray to set your style for a long time. Brush your hair smoothly. If you have naturally curly hair, use an electric hair straightener brush or a flat iron to straighten your hair. Gather half of the hair from the temple to the crown with your fingers in the middle of the head. Then twist it tightly into a bun and seal the bun into place with hair clips. Set the sides with hair spray and enjoy a sleek finish.

2. Simple Twists

It’s a very simple hairstyle that takes a few minutes. Almost dry your hair and apply hair spray. Use a hot airbrush to straighten the hair. Section your hair from the top part down to the ear. Start twisting that section until the end. After twisting secure the end temporarily with a clip. Now section the other side and repeat the process. Remove the clip and join both of the twisting sections with your fingers. Tie up both of the sections with a fashionable hairband or clip. Apply hair spray to seal the twist.

3. The Half Topknot

The half topknot is very popular and fashionable also. It’s quite similar to the hun. For a perfect topknot, dry your hair very well. If you have a greasy root, use a dry shampoo to refresh and add volume to your hair. It also helps to hold your topknot in the right place. Section out approximately one-third of the front of your hair from the front to the crown of the head. Make a mini ponytail at the top of your head for your topknot bun. Tie up the ponytail with a snag-free rubber band. Now, backcomb the ponytail to increase the volume and apply a texturing hair spray to secure the volume. Then wrap your ponytail in a clockwise direction and seal the wrapping with bobby pins. Hit the hair spray again and your topknot is absolutely ready.

4. Pinned Up Bob

If you have a bob-cut hair, this style is for you. It’s very simple to do. At first, dry your hair and apply hair spray to the front of your hair. Section your hair from the front to the crown with your fingers. Backcomb the section of hair and raise the volume of frontal hair. Then brush the section of hair smoothly from front to rear. Pin up the rear section with bobby pins. Finally, hit some hair spray again and set the volume for a long time.

5. Crisscross Updos

This is also a very fashionable and easy hairstyle for both short and long hair. Just dry your hair and brush properly. Apply some hair spray for more volume. Take a few strands from each side and twist them one by one in a crisscrossing manner. Pinup the strands in the middle. Then you may apply some texturing spray or not, your style is ready to go!

6. Half Up Braided Updos

Short hair is easy to hold but quite difficult to style. Half up braided is a very common hairstyle for any length of hair. Start with dry and brushed hair. Take two large strands from each side and divide each strand into three parts. Make two braids with each strand and join them in the middle with pins or hair clips. Attach a flower or colorful ribbon as you want.

7. Side Fishtail Braids

The fishtail braid is a very common hairstyle everywhere. You don’t need to go to the parlor or salon for this style. You don’t need any extra materials also except a hair comb and pins. Well, take a big strand from one side. Section the strand into four parts. Make a fishtail braid from front to rear of the strand. Pinup the rear section on the opposite side into the hair of the middle of the head back.

8. Double Accent Braid

For this style first, make a half ponytail and leave a small section open on the left and right sides. Braid both of that small sections using your fingers and wrap them one by one around the half ponytail. Secure the wrapping with bobby pins and apply some hair texturing spray to lock the style in the right place.

9. The Low Hun

The low hun is such an easy style for any length of hair. It’s one of the latest fashion trends for hair. To have this style, just take a section of hair from both sides of the head. Twist the sections one by one. Then join both of the twisted sections in the middle and twist them jointly. Tie the twisted hair into a knot. Tuck the ends under the knot and pinup the knot in place. Don’t forget to apply some texturing spray for a perfect finish.

10. Topsy Half-do

This is one of the easiest styles that takes only two minutes. The only thing that you have to do is to make a half-up ponytail. Just inside out your ponytail two times and get a whole new hairstyle. Attach a flower or designer clip or colorful ribbon to make the style attractive.

To Summarize

Hairstyles express our personality and fashion sense. Everybody likes a neat and clean person. Here we discussed some of the half up half down hairstyles for short hair. We hope that this article will be helpful to short hair people in styling their hair.