Hot Tools 24k Gold Vs Black Gold: Neck to Neck Comparison

If you are into keeping your hair stylish then you must have heard of Hot Tools. They manufacture some of the best hair tools for providing you with the hottest hair look in the market! But when it comes to choosing between two of their own products, the sweating begins! 

Hot Tools 24k Gold vs Black Gold is no alternative! These two one-step dryers are indeed difficult to choose from. But as always we have got your back! 

In the following content, we will be discussing these products in-depth. Keep on scrolling down to grab the best deal in town. 

Specifications between Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24k Gold

Before getting on to some deep research, it’s important to keep the small yet significant details in mind. These details or as you might call it specifications will prevail your mind from crowding with all the vivid details. 

To make your job easier we have made housed the features in the table format: 

Specifications 💝  24k Gold  💝 
 👉 Our Choice 👈 
Black Gold
Weight1.9 pounds1.89 pounds
Dimensions6.6 x 11.3 x 10.1 inches14.75 x 6.75 x 3.5 inches
Hair TypeAll hair typesAll hair types
Material24k Gold infusedBoar
Power-source typeWiredWired
Safety typeALCI safety plugALCI safety plug
Setting options3 speed and 2 heat settings3-speed settings

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Key Differences on Hot Tools One-Step Black Gold Vs 24k Gold

As you might have noticed from the table that there are more similarities between the two products than the overall differences. Well, for keeping the confusion out of your mind it’s better to list these differences. Again, we have got you covered in this section: 

  1. 24k Gold weighs about 1.9 pounds whereas Black Gold stands at 1.89 pounds
  2. 24k Gold and Black Gold have the dimensions of 6.6 x 11.3 x 10.1 inches and 14.75 x 6.75 x 3.5 inches respectively. 
  3. Hot Tools 24k Gold and Black Gold have 3-speed settings with 2 heat settings and 3-speed settings respectively. 
  4. 24k Gold consists of the 24k gold technology whereas the Black Gold one depends on the black gold line.
  5. The 24k Gold consists of direct ION technology whereas the Black Gold relies on Natural Max Activated Charcoal.

In-Depth Discussion Regarding 24k Gold vs Black Gold

After skimming through the specifications you might have got a glance at what these products are really about. However, you still have much more homework to do before making the final call. In this case, knowing the features more vividly can prove to be of great assistance. 

1. Weight:

When buying any appliances for your everyday use, the first thing that should come up in your mind is weight. It’s obvious that the lower the weight, the easier it will be to handle the brush. 

24k Gold: In this case, as already mentioned previously, the 24k Gold weighs about 1.9 pounds. This is considered to be really lightweight when it comes to brushes. 

Black Gold: Coming in close, this brush weighs around 1.89 pounds. This is also really lightweight equipment to carry around for regular usage. 

Both are light weighted. 

2. Shape:

The shape in which your dryer is manufactured plays a significant role in its performance. 

24k Gold: This Hot Tools dryer comes in a versatile oval brush design. This means that this one has curved sides accompanied by rounded edges towards the top. This structure of the dryer allows you to achieve smooth hair. Not only that, but it also benefits you with maximum volume with perfectly curved ends. 

Black Gold: The Black Gold one is also designed to provide the perfect precision. The unique shape of this one also consists of the rounded-up edge with curved sides. Making it the perfect partner for your smooth and voluminous hair. 

Both of the brushes consist of the same shape design. 

3. Additional materials:

Some of the dryers are made up of elements that increase their efficiency in producing the perfect output. 

24k Gold: Along with the structure, this styling tool also includes components like the cutting edge boar tech 2 bristles. These are also accompanied by silk glide. This enables the users to enjoy the luxury of the smooth-silky finishing touch.

Black Gold: As a result of belonging to the same brand, this Black Gold tool made up of boar also consists of the boar tech 2 bristles with the silk glide that satisfy the same purpose as the previous one did. In addition to this one,

Both consist of the boar tech 2 bristles with silk glide. 

4. Heat distribution:

When it comes to blowout hair tools, one of the most essential things that you should and we repeat again should look for is even distribution. The evenly distributed the heat, the more effortless the curls will look.

24k Gold: When it comes to proper heat distribution, hot tools have got you all covered up. As the name suggests, this one consists of the 24k Gold Technology. This feature enables even distribution of heat to get the most efficient outcomes. 

Black Gold: This one also looks after even heat distribution for you. With the aid of the black gold line, this styling surface makes it more well-distributed. In addition to all these, there are unique airflow vents for providing faster drying options. 

The 24k Gold one has the 24k Gold technology whereas the other one has a Black Gold line to it along with a ventilation system. 

5. Settings:

The universal fact is that settings make everything much easier. The more the settings the better your control over the heating tools. 

24k Gold: Talking about settings, this hot tool oval brush allows you to control the temperature with the aid of the rotating temperature control along with three-speed settings. This allows for fast styling and more control. It’s better to mention those two temperature settings. 

Black Gold: In order to provide versatility to your hairstyles this one also offers you three-speed settings along with rotating temperature control like the previous one. 

Both have three-speed settings however, the 24k Gold has two additional heat settings. 


Editor’s Choice

Although the ultimate decision lies upon your hands, yet as we have guided you all these ways then why not help you out a little more. If you asked us for a recommendation then we would suggest the 24k Gold brush. As both of the tools have comparatively similar features yet the price differs.

So, why not go easy on your wallet this time!  But if you are intent on going all out for this one then you might choose the Black Gold one too! 

Final Words

After going through our detailed review on Hot Tools Black Gold vs 24K Gold, you must have made up your mind for your right hair companion. Just keep the requirements ticked and your pocket happy and you are all ready to show off that shiny hairdo!