How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair

The latest generation of hair straighteners have nothing to do with those artifacts that, not so long ago, damaged our hair when used. Everything in the world has evolved and these devices are not far behind. Now, they have new materials and technologies so that virtually anyone can use one. Nevertheless, before deciding which one to buy, it is very important that you carefully analyze certain aspects to know how to choose the right flat iron for your hair.

One of the essential points you should consider in order to know how to choose the right flat iron for your hair is the material with which their plates are made. Depending on your hair type and the results you want to obtain, this detail could greatly influence the appearance and health of it. In this way, we are going to review some of the most frequent categories of them.

How to choose the right flat iron for your hair

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that there is a very wide variety of flat irons in the market. There are those made of ions, ceramics, titanium and many more. Hair straighteners provide heat through their plates and these are the things that come into direct contact with our precious hair. For that reason, we must pay special attention to the material with which they are made, since they must slide well through our hair, without burning it, breaking it or mistreating it.

In this area, the winning material is ceramics. For that reason, it is so common in both mid-range and high-end models that the best brands have created. Ceramic plates, in this sense, are able to offer a stable temperature, have a long duration and make the hair slide well between them while reducing friction and much of the static electricity.

Other models, meanwhile, include ionizers. These devices generate negative ions that counteract positive hair ions, thus, they reduce frizz and increase hair’s brightness.

In addition to this, manufacturers usually use tourmaline in combination with ceramics. This mineral, following these general lines, promotes the generation of negative ions, which results in more silky hair. In the same way, it emits infrared heat in a much healthier way for the hair since it is softer and less harmful. Another common option is to combine marble plates with ceramic plates. Marble gives special characteristics to the process since it prevents the hair from containing heat for a long time and, therefore, suffering less.

Titanium is another of the most used materials when creating plates for hair straighteners. Actually, most of the manufacturers support its use. Titanium is a chemical element that is characterized by offering more durability thanks to its high capacity to resist shocks and its anticorrosive effects. Another advantage of titanium is that it can heat up faster and transfers more heat to the hair than ceramic, so fewer passes are needed to completely straighten hair. It also better admits ionizing treatments and different components such as keratin, conditioners, color protection technologies, and even nanotechnology of silver particles.

How to choose the right flat iron for your hair

Dry or wet hair?

Are you still looking for the best option for you? Continue reading and discover how to choose the right flat iron for your hair.

This time, technology has come again to save us. The hair straighteners were created to be used on dry hair since; otherwise, they could cause great damage to the hair fiber. However, there are currently many brands that have been dedicated to creating flat irons that integrate holes in their plates designed to evaporate moisture and leave hair straight. This system is special if you are one of the people who lead a busy life and seek to make their beauty routines faster since you do not have to wait for your hair to get dry to start straightening it.

What do you need it for?

It should be noted that flat irons are not only used to straighten hair but also to create other hairstyles, including waves and curls. To do this, you just need to practice a little and learn the necessary techniques that allow you to show off shiny hair without going to the hairdresser.

What about the temperature?

This is another variant of the straighteners. The level of heat you require is a factor that influences how to choose the correct flat iron for your hair. In this way, the temperature you have to apply to the hair depends a lot on how it is. Common flat irons go from 80º to 235º approximately, although there are also them with a fixed temperature of between 180º and 190º. This is the temperature that normal hair, that is to say, neither too thin nor too thick, needs. If your hair is very thin and very brittle you should apply as little heat as possible. On the contrary, the thicker and stronger your hair is, the more heat you will need to straighten it.

Could you notice it? Knowing how to choose the right flat iron for your hair is very simple… you just have to consider the aspects described above!