How To Clean False Eyelashes – A Step By Step Guide

This article will show you how to clean false eyelashes properly to make your lashes reusable.

You know, the eyes are the sensitive part of the body that need extra attention. That’s why you should be aware of using fake eyelashes. A pair of good quality falsies is pricy- you don’t want to throw them to the winds at all.

To reuse the falsies you must clean it properly- we want to say, in a hygienic way. Here is a step-by-step false eyelash cleaning guide by experts.

How To Clean Your False Eyelashes

Ladies who are experts clean lashes in their own way. Many fashion lovers clean their falsies using makeup remover. But you will find many more ladies who use warm water to clean their lash extensions.

We are going to show you how to clean your false eyelashes using both makeup remover and warm water.

Prepare Your Eyelashes

Before discussing the cleaning process, you have to prepare your false eyelashes for cleaning purpose.

To prepare, you need to gather some necessary supplies first. Here is a list of supplies you have to gather-

  • A container
  • Oil-free eye makeup remover
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Q-tip and cotton swab
  • A clean towel

Wash Both Of Your Forehands

If germs however left on the lashes, this causes eyes-irritation and infection. That’s why wash away your hands with anti-bacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Make lather and rub between fingers and the both back and front part of your hands and clean the underneath of your fingernails.

Then wash away with clean water.

Peel Off Your Lashes

Take a container and pour some oil-free makeup remover into the container.

Now apply some makeup remover on your real lashes with a Q-tip to soften the eyelash glue. Then take a cotton swab, soak it into the makeup remover and then squeeze lightly to leave the excessive liquid.

Move the cotton swab along the eyelash smoothly. Once the eyelash extension glue will get unfastened, press your lid down lightly and grasp the outer corner of the lashes with your thumb and forefinger. Grasp the band, not petals. Then gently peel the strip off the eyelash. 

If you use individual lashes, then gently separate them section by section.Don’t use tweezers to peel off by yanking. It will reduce the lifeline of your favorite eyelashes.

Take a clean and dry towel. Then place the lashes on that.

How To Clean False Eyelashes

Methods Of Cleaning Your False Eyelashes

We already have mentioned that we are going to show you two popular methods of cleaning the eyelash extensions. Let’s see the methods below:

Method-1: Clean Your False Eyelashes With Makeup Remover

This method requires a container, makeup remover, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs. Gather all these necessaries first. If you already have gathered them, then skip this and jump to the next point

Take Some Makeup Remover

Take a container and pour some makeup remover into the container. The amount of the remover will be such that you can immerse the cotton swab into it properly.

Another most important point is, take the oil-free makeup remover which is specially made for removing your eye makeup.

Remove Makeup & Glue

Take a cotton swab and immerse it into the rubbing alcohol or makeup remover and lightly squeeze it.

Move the cotton swab along with the eyelash extensions from the band to the end of your fake lashes to rid the makeup and glue of the lashes. Do this until makeup and glue off.

You will find eyelash bands containing the mess. So, gently apply the remover on the bands to make the glue softer. Then peel the glue off with tweezers gently.

Turn over the fake eyelashes and do repeat the process to clean properly.

Apply Some Rubbing Alcohol

Take a cotton swab and soak it into rubbing alcohol. Then run the cotton swab along the eyelashes gently.Do this on both sides of your false eyelashes to clean properly.

Rubbing alcohol will remove the remaining makeup or glue from the lashes. It will also disinfect your lashes so that you can safely reuse them.

Note: You can use a cotton pad and warm water. Just soak the cotton pad and hold the fake eyelashes with a cotton pad. It will also remove the remaining glue and mascara from the extensions.

Reshape Your False Eyelashes And Let Them Dry

You are almost done!

Now you have to reshape the falsies as its new condition. Don’t squeeze it. Just place on the dry and clean tissue paper or towel and let dry under normal weather.

Don’t dry your lash extensions under the sun or hot air dryer. After drying up, store them in a safe place.

Method-2: Clean Your False Eyelashes With Warm Water

This is another method you can apply to clean your false lashes. Most of the young ladies find it easier. To clean in this method, you should gather-

  • A container
  • Warm water
  • Soap
  • Tweezers
  • Clean paper towel
  • Cotton swabs
  • Rubbing alcohol or eye makeup remover
  • Clean towel

Now you can start cleaning your fake lashes. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow with no hesitations.

Take Some Cleaning Solution

Take a container and pour some cleaning solution like the makeup remover.

You can DIY the makeup cleaning solutions at home easily with lukewarm water and soap. Just mix some soap with the water and stir for a while. And you can use this composition of soap and water as a cleaning solution.

Dip Your False Eyelashes

Dip your eyelashes into the cleaning solution and leave it for five minutes. In five minutes, the makeup and glue will get unfastened and easy-removable.

Note: Don’t leave the falsies in the cleaning solution for more than 5 minutes. This will damage your lovely lashes.

Remove The Glue & Makeup

Now lift your false eyelashes out of the container with tweezers and place them on a clean dry paper towel. Then remove the residues from the lashes one by one.

To remove the glue, just take up a false eyelash and grasp it with your left thumb and forefinger. Then take tweezers and gently pull the glue off the bend.

If needed, take some makeup remover into the bowl and dip your false eyelashes into it using tweezers once more. Always hold the bend of the eyelashes.

Clean The Residues

Pour some makeup remover or rubbing alcohol into a container and soak a cotton swab in it. Then wipe out the residues carefully from the lashes just by moving the cotton swab from bend to the top of the petals.

Pay more attention to the bends as the glue tends to adhere to this part. Don’t yank at all, just pull out gently as long as possible.

Dry The Falsies & Store In A Safe Place

After removing all the residues, give your lovely false lashes a shape as same as they came to you. Then place them on a clean dry towel for drying up.

Don’t dry under sun rays or hot air brushes. Leave it at a normal temperature. Excessive heat can damage the lashes permanently or decrease longevity.

Once all your extensions will dry, store them.


Here we mentioned only two different processes of cleaning your false eyelashes and you can follow any of the methods. Our experts recommend cleaning using makeup remover.

If you have synthetic falsies, be careful and avoid warm water. It will shrink the petals.