How To Get Better Lash Retention

Eye and eyelash both together have a leading role in expressing beauty and feelings. Beauty lies in your eyes and your eyelash sparks the BEAUTY to attract guys!

That’s why you should pay extra attention to your lashes- especially when talking about lash retention. Most of the falsies lovers complain about the lash retention issue. It’s because they don’t know how to get better lash retention.

If you also have faced this lash retention issue, keep scrolling down. Here you will find an ultimate guideline to get rid of this complication.

Why Use False Eyelashes

How long your eyelashes last actually varies from person to person because of weather and hormones. There is no exact period for lasting the eyelashes instead. That is why we have to use false eyelashes to refill that.

How To Get Better Lash Retention

There is nothing secret for better lash retention. It’s just the way of using the falsies in correct ways. Experts suggest treating the extension and adhesive according to the surroundings.

Here are the following tips for long-lasting lash extensions. If you don’t have any complicated physical issues, hope these will work instantly.

how to get better lash retention

Buy Correct Adhesive

Whether the adhesive suits you or not depends on your room temperature and humidity. The environment is a very important factor for lash retention. So, the theory ”one adhesive for all’‘ is not working. You have to buy an eyelash extension glue that is suitable for your temperature and humidity environment.

To avoid the humidity issue like a high humidity environment or low humidity environment, you should buy those types of adhesive which suit you.

Besides humidity, the conditions of room temperature and extension glue don’t match then surely you will have the worst lash retention experience.

Store Your Adhesive Correctly

Another condition to have better lash retention is storing adhesive in a correct way. If you store your favorite adhesive without maintaining the given conditions, then it will damage soon. To use a dam adhesive is enough to lose your lashes immediately.

Then what should you do??

Always keep adhesive fresh. Store the adhesive in a particular place where the humidity and temperature are perfect. Some adhesives require low humidity areas and some require high. Depending on the glue brands, it varies. So make sure what temperature and humidity your glue suits.

If possible, make a collection of different adhesives for different humidity areas. Because the weather changes and so the temperature and humidity also keep changing. If you have a collection, you can use it depending on the weather condition.

Once open the stopper, try to use a small airtight container to store adhesive. It prevents absorbing oxygen. Infect temperature is a great fact. So, there is a big ‘NO’ on storing opened bottles of lash adhesive in the fridge because sudden temperature fluctuations really affect the adhesive.

Change Your Adhesive In Time

You can keep your adhesive glue unopened for a maximum of 90 days. But once you open it, it won’t last so long. You can use the adhesive for a maximum of 30 days after opening the stopper.

When you open the stopper, just remember that each time it takes air in its way which encourages your adhesive to get damaged. We have already mentioned the result of using damaged eyelash glue. So, make sure that the adhesive is always fresh before use.

So, experts always suggest changing the adhesive once a month. If you change it every 30 days, you will be risk-free. Maybe it sounds too hard but if you do so, your lash will remain healthy and safe.

Use Clean Lashes

Before attaching your falsies, make sure that they are clean and germ-free. So, prepare the lashes first, and don’t even dare to use any beauty product like Mascara, eyeliner, etc.

If there is any mess on the lashes, then clean them using micropore tape. It will be better if you clean your eyelash extension after removing it from your eyes at the end of your day. It takes your time but saves your valuable lashes.

Use Lash Cleanser

To make your lash extensions durable, use a proper cleanser on messy eyelashes every day or at least once a week.

There is a thing to remember that the cleanser must be an eyelash extension-approved cleanser because many cleansers contain ingredients that are not favorable for lash extensions even for your eyes. So, to avoid irritation, use the correct cleanser.

Isolate Natural Lash

A fascicled eyelash tends to get uprooted. So, be careful while applying the adhesive glue to your natural lashes. Because eyelash adhesives dry very quickly.

The best way to avoid this issue is to isolate your natural lashes and place the extension between using eyelash adhesives. Different adhesives take different times to dry up. So, be aware of it.

Try to bond the lashes quickly. If you can’t do so, the bonding won’t get better and you will experience bad retention.

Take Care Of The Cure

Normally it is important to keep the lashes dry for 24 hours after application. But for maximum time you will not be able to follow the instructions. For this, you can use a nano mister at the end of applying which may cure your adhesive.

More often than not, after a complete session of applying you have to take care of it. You may follow a guideline about dos and don’ts.

Master The Bonds

Every natural lash is different. So, when using adhesive, you need to customize your bond for the best suit of it. You have to take different techniques for different types of lashes. If the natural lash is too curly then you need to care much about it to customize the lash.


Most of us don’t care about the adhesive glue and face this lash retention problem. It’s really disappointing! Do you have any idea how a damaged or unsuited adhesive treats your eyes? It can deadly damage your natural lashes and affects your eyes.

So, always be careful. If you are a beginner, we will suggest you get a helping hand. If you are an expert in attaching falsies, just follow the tips we have shared above.