How To Make Human Hair Wig Silky

It is no secret that hair for women has always been termed as a sign of beauty. Along with certain facial features, physique, and poster overall, the hair also contributes to a women’s beauty as per the very old and still existing traditions.

It is no lie that hair is a beautiful part of a woman’s body. And how she styles or carries it can have a lot of effect on her image overall. Just changing hair, adding a bit of style, or even color will bring drastic change to one’s personality in the world’s eyes. That is why women do not take your hair lightly. Take good care of them and make the best out of them.

Just like the hair is a symbol of beauty is no secret, using wigs is no secret. Some people’s hair texture is not changeable, or maybe they don’t want to permanently change such a big part of their personality. So, of course, wigs are used as a temporary means to keep up with the up-to-date style and fashion. When it comes to styling wigs, human hair wigs are the best of all.

They give the closest possible look to natural hair. However, you must take care of them. They don’t have the natural oil of the scalp to keep them fresh, soft, and silky. But how do you do it? Don’t worry, a few wig washing tips and tricks, and your human hair wig will be as silky as new.

How To Make Human Hair Wig Silky


What do we do with our hair daily? Shampoo and conditioning. Yes, that’s what your human hair wig needs as well. Not daily, of course, but once you feel it is losing its texture and silkiness, do the conditioning. Wig’s conditioning is different from our actual hair. First, start with oiling. Oiling should be done through the whole length of the wig.

Do not leave any part of it. Then leave it as it is for some time after it, apply conditioner. Conditioner should be applied from the scalp of the wig to the ends as well. Leave the conditioner for up to 30 minutes and then wash. You will find your wig as silky as before.


Many people don’t consider this part important and skip it. Well, have you noticed how your hair becomes if you don’t wash them for 2-3 days? That’s what happens with your human wig too. The human wig can sustain for a bit longer, but it will need a nice wash human hair wig ultimately. The limit is 10-12 uses of the human hair wig.

After it, you should wash it or have the same charm in its next use. Shampoo your wig with a moisturizing shampoo. If you go with a shampoo that dries out hair, then it’s not possible that you are going to get a soft, silky wig. That is why always choose a moisturizing one. Massage the wig’s scalp with a light hand in small circles. Make sure you don’t tangle it, but the dirt gets out. Repeat the process with the whole length and wash it carefully. The results will be amazing.


Drying is already difficult for natural hair. If not done properly, it can even ruin your own hair. This is why the drying of the wig is even trickier. There are two opinions on it. One, you should and can use a dryer. And the other, you shouldn’t use a dryer.

About the dryer, it is said, to use it on low heat along with a wig comb; afterward, use a wig brush to give your human hair wig a silky texture. If you want to do it without a dryer, squeeze out the excess water with your hands. Make sure you do not put pressure. After you wash the human hair wig, you can then use a dry towel to dry the wig further but do not twist, turn, or squeeze.

Allow the natural air and environment to dry out your human hair wig properly. In the end, whatever method you use, with or without a dryer, make sure the wig doesn’t face a lot of heat. The heat can easily damage the outer layer of a natural hair wig, which cannot be recovered like natural hair on the head. So, take care of that.

Removal of Entanglements

As said above, natural hair can retain its oils but not natural hair wigs. That is why they will get dry very fast. You will have to take care of its moisturization regularly. Dryness will still take place but in a limited way. Even this limited dryness can damage the hair through entanglements.

But if you have the dedication to comb your natural hair wig after every use or daily, then you are good to go. Comb it lightly before and after using it to save it from forming clusters inside the wig. This will simply save your wig and texture. Make sure you are not affecting the wig glue.

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The point is, we are talking about something here which is made from a human body. If you take care of your expensive natural hair wig, then it will take a very long time to lose its silk. However, if you don’t take care of it properly, it will last a few weeks barely and start giving an unacceptably dry look.