How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig

So, you use hair wigs for new, different and innovative hairstyles in your everyday life?

If you tend to look for different hairstyles to make your looks beautiful and attractive, a wig can make this. But you may face some unavoidable problems when you use a wig. Among these, growing hair under the wig is the major issue!

We all should remember that hair is an integral part of our body that expresses our beauty and even personality, too. It needs extra care, especially if you wear the wig regularly.

So, let’s see how you can take care of our natural hair and make it grow under the wig effectively!

How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig

How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig
How To Make Your Hair Grow Under Wig

Keep Your Wig Clean

Wig Clean

A dirty wig generates harmful bacteria under the wig and reduces hair growth in a dramatic way. So, you have to wash your hair wig properly to make it clean and dirt-free.

Besides, to increase the lifespan of your wig, you must clean it regularly. Never try to wash like natural hair. Always follow the instructions. There are different types of hair wigs- made of various types of hair. Not only that, but the caps are also different in size and construction. Depending on the wig cap, it is necessary to clean up the wig cap regularly.

Other things you have to keep in mind while using wig glues to wear a wig. Applying wig glue in an incorrect way can block hair cuticles. So, be careful while applying glue.

Shampoo Your Natural Hair

Shampoo Your Natural Hair

Those who go outside frequently need to wash their hair properly. Otherwise, dirt can accumulate on the scalp and hair which causes the scalp to itchy. But, those who wear the wig should also wash their natural hair regularly.

If you wear a wig, naturally, the surrounding dirt can’t take place. But, your head sweats and generates moisturizers naturally, all of which make your scalp oily, itchy, sticky, and odor which causes infection and dandruff. All of these issues affect hair growth. So, we always suggest you wash your hair regularly with the best quality shampoo.

Choose A Primary Protective Style

Wearing a wig can affect the health of your natural hair. When you wear a wig, your natural hair is hidden under the wig which causes split-ends and it can decrease the hair growth noticeably. If you wear a wig, there is nothing to do for the look of your natural hair but you have many things to do to keep your hair safe. And, protective style can be the best option.

This style protects your hair from unwanted tugging or knotting and your hair is safe under the wig. This is a way to tuck the end of your natural hair away to avoid split-ends and to encourage hair growth. So, choose a protective style according to your hair types and hair length.

For the protective style, follow the instructions:

  • Apply some restoring serum to the scalp and massage your head thoroughly
  • Add some growth oil around the hairline and massage it
  • Spray leave-in conditioner to hair and rub gently

Brush Your Hair

Brush Your Hair

Brushing hair increases blood circulation by which nutrients can reach the hair follicles easily. Blood circulation ensures healthy hair scalps and keeps secretion of the keratin natural, which is liable for hair growth. That’s why your hair grows naturally.

If you brush your hair correctly, your sebaceous glands will be excited and increase sebums to eliminate moisturizers. Regular hair brush also keeps the hair moisturized naturally; in the previous point, we have already mentioned why moisturizing is important!

You can use a wooden hair brush for maximum benefits!

Moisturize Your Hair

Wearing a wig causes hair breakage due to drying up. It is one of the major issues of wearing a wig. Then, what can you do to keep your hair safe? Moisturizing?

Yes. Moisturizing can increase hair growth just by strengthening the hair from the root and protect the hair from unexpected breakage. When you use a moisturizer or hair conditioner, the hair will be soft and lie down which prevents hair breakage. There are a lot of hair moisturizers on the market.

If you don’t want to buy moisturizers from the market, you can make them at home easily. For this, take some virgin oil in a spray bottle, add some water and conditioner to it. Then shake it. Your moisturizer is ready to use. Use it regularly to increase hair growth, even under your wig.

Protect Your Natural Hair From Your Wig

A wig keeps our hair protected from dust and other harmful things. But, the incorrect way of using a wig is harmful to your hair. It can damage the natural hair if you don’t be careful.

So, you have to be careful when wearing a wig. There are some important things you can keep in mind to maintain both your artificial hair and natural hair. The things are the followings:

  • Always keep the wig separated from your hair. If possible, try to wrap your natural hair with a silky cap to avoid contact between them.
  • Don’t go to bed wearing your wig. Take off the wig when it is time to sleep. Wearing a wig overnight causes hair breakage.
  • Let your hair dry completely before wearing a wig. Wearing a wig on the damp hair causes nasty bacteria and this is why your scalp can be affected. Thus, your hair can be protected.
  • Massage your scalp after taking off the wig to increase blood circulation.


Well… finally, you are done!

If you can follow all these instructions regularly, we can 100% assure you that your hair will be protected and start growing fast. But, of course, you have to use the right products. Avoid cheap products to save your money. It’s one kind of opportunity cost. Do this, and you will be able to make your hair grow under the wig.