How To Use A Flat Iron On Black Hair

Have you ever wondered how you can flat iron your hair without heat damage scorching your hair? Then, you’ve come to a great place because we are going to teach you how to use a flat iron on black hair.

Our hair is probably one of the most beautiful and unique parts of our bodies. It says a lot of things about us, such as how we are feeling, how we think and a lot more. So, in order to express yourself as you should, you need to take care of your hair and flat iron is just a small piece of that hair-care.

What most people don’t know is the fact all kinds of black hair might be flat ironed with total peace of mind. However, that peace of mind comes with steps, steps that will grant the smooth, beautiful and striking black hair you’ve always wanted.

Before jumping into how to use a flat iron on black hair, let us explain the steps you need to take first:

1. Get a high-quality flat iron

The first thing is choosing the right iron flat.

You should avoid unknown brands or products that won’t guarantee any quality or results. We don’t want to let you think you need the most expensive flat iron in the market. In fact, any flat iron from a well-known and trust-worthy company will grant the results you are looking for.

So, the first step to learning how to use a flat iron on black hair is definitely getting a good one! From here, you may check out a list of Best Flat Iron for Black Hair.

2. Well-conditioned hair

It is cringing and even painful watching people flat iron their hair without even asking themselves: Is my hair moisturized? Is it conditioned and prepared to receive heat?

If you haven’t asked yourself those questions and you are not sure if your hair is ready, then you should turn off that iron flat and prepare your hair first for such a scorching activity for dehydrated hair.

Make sure your hair is well-conditioned so you can avoid further damage from direct heat. Our hair is delicate, but strong enough to receive the heat coming from the flat iron, but it needs to be prepared and protected. This practice is a daily practice, which means you have to regularly condition prior to practicing this guide on how to use a flat iron on black hair.

3. Use the flat iron right after cleaning your hair

Moisturizing and conditioning your hair are just the initial steps to taking care of your hair and preparing it for the flat iron. However, after following these practices and repairing your hair, it is recommended to flat iron your hair immediately after taking a bath.

You should do conditioning sessions, which are step #2 or deep conditioning and take the flat iron after a shampoo session. So, if you are taking care of your hair and you actually wash your hair today, then today is the perfect day to learn how to use a flat iron on black hair without further damage.

Remember that using a flat iron with hair full of products and dirt are the foundation for damaged hair.

4. Use a heat Protectant product

Once you have taken a shower, conditioned your hair and prepared it for the flat iron, one single step that might do the difference is using a heat protectant product. This is not mandatory, realistically, it’s not necessary for many people, but some people will find on this product a solution they have never seen before.

You have to apply these products once your hair is totally dry, these protect your hair but it’s recommended to set the minimum temperature possible for the best results and total security. Don’t set the flat iron at its maximum heat or it will mess up your hair really bad if your hair is weak or dry.

5. Don’t hurry up, take your time

Most of the people burn their hair with a flat iron due to a lack of patience and rushing through the process as lightning. Fast results are equal to damaged hair, at least in the hair beauty world. The key and the secret from most experts and the industry itself is taking it easy and going steady.

Flat ironing your hair takes time, so don’t think about it if you’re in a big rush or time-limited somehow.  The technique of how to use a flat iron on black hair is going slow and steady, with controlled movement that avoids letting the flat iron too long in the same area. Begin with the roots, as close to it as you can, and repeat it again and again, more is equal to better results.

Remember to use the minimum heat, which gives the best results and also reduces the damage to your hair.

6. Work on smaller sections

Dealing with too much hair at once can be overwhelming, difficult and ultimately harmful to your hair. When you work on smaller sections, let’s supposed it’s an inch or 1 ½ inches or less of hair at once, it’s better than taking wider or thicker hair portions. Big and chunky sections of hair won’t straighten properly and you will be not satisfied with the results.

Besides, you are more likely to harm your hair if you take big and chunky sections because you’re probably going to burn the hair.

7. Wrap your hair to protect it!

Calm down, drop your flat iron and first read this last, but not the least important step to learn how to use a flat iron on black hair.

All the hard work you’ve put into your hair is going to be in vain if you don’t take care of it and you don’t wrap it overnight!

Take your beautiful hair and wrap it at night, just before going to sleep, that way you will prevent applying heat in the morning and your morning routine will be more to taking your hair down and combining it.


We all know that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Before turning your hair into toast, learn ‘how to use a flat iron on black hair‘ and make the proper use of your patience on it. The beauty of the hair doesn’t rely on the tools but on the operator. So, to get a lovely hairstyle without burning your hair, follow the above steps.