How To Use A Flat Iron To Curl Hair

If you are bored making regular hairstyle and want to express yourself with a new look, then curly hair is a good choice. To get beautiful curls you have always wanted, here are some steps on ‘How to Use Flat Iron to Curl Hair’ you may follow:

Hair Must Be Well Conditioned

Before using a flat iron, make sure your hair is cleaned, moisturized, and prepared to receive heat. As wet hair won’t curl at all, and damp hair is unable to curl, so keep your hair dry to hold shape very well.

Apply Heat Protectant Product

When your hair is totally dry, apply a heat Protectant hair spray onto your hair to prevent the hair from burning or thermal spray all over your hair.

Important Note: Make sure you spray the heat Protectant onto each section. If you spray only the top of the hair, then your hair won’t curl as it won’t heat the bottom of the hair.

Get A Good Quality of Thin Flat iron

Knowing the tips ‘how to use a flat iron to curl hair’ will bring no advantages for you if you don’t have a good quality of flat iron. Having a good quality flat iron is the pre-requisite of getting beautiful curly hair. Otherwise, all of my efforts to write about ‘How to Use a Flat Iron to Curl Hair’ will go in vain. The condition for a flat iron is about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in width from plate to handle and has rounded edges. It seems difficult to hold a flat iron, which is heavy and you can’t hold it for a long time.

Two Important Notes:

✔️✔️ To get smooth hair and less damage, you must have a good quality flat iron. For long lasting and shiny hair it also needed. You may check out a list of the Best Flat Iron from HERE.

✔️✔️ Flat iron must have ceramic plates. Having ceramic plates in iron tend is better for hair as metal plates may damage the hair.

Divide Your Hair Into Sections

If you want to avoid creating a mess by taking all hair at once, then you have to divide your hair into sections. Each section tied with a hair clip. For having better curling, untie one section and takes a little amount of hair for using iron.

Curling Your Hair

If all the steps given in the following you did, then it is the time to curl your hair.

✔️✔️ Heat the flat iron with minimum temperature or the temperature which adjusts to your hair because the maximum temperature may burn your hair. Take one section of hair and put it into the flat iron. While holding the iron from top to bottom, make a circle with hair around the flat iron.

✔️✔️ To find a solution that how many circles you need to curl, you can try with different amounts of circle by taking 2 or 3 times with different sections and see which suits you the most. All sections can be done with your selected circle. Don’t hold the flat iron for too long. Otherwise, your hair may burn and fray. Practice your techniques. It might not be perfect for the first time but you will get it right eventually.

✔️✔️ To get a flat wave of hair, keep your iron a little bit distance from the top of your hair, turn it up a half of a turn and clamp it on the next bit of hair turning it down a half of a turn. It may express it as half rotation on the right side, leave the rotation and go to the next bit of hair and again do the half rotation in the left. After ending with 2 or 3 sections, you may find back an old look like the 1950s. These are the flat waves.

✔️✔️ If your hair doesn’t curl properly, then put hair spray on the side you want to curl. Hair spray must be non-aerosol because Aerosols will create a mess and crunchier that may destroy your style.

✔️✔️ Steam rising from your hair is completely normal; it’s just the heat Protectant doing its job. However, if you smell burning hair or see singeing, remove the flat iron from your hair immediately and try again with the lower temperature setting.

Finishing Hair Curling

When you finish curling your hair completely, you may leave your hair as-it-is. To make more attractive you can tousle it with your finger as it looks a little more voluminous. Here is your natural, stunning look is ready.

Note: If you want long-lasting curls that hold for the whole day, put a little hair spray on your curls.


No article on ‘how to use a flat iron to curl hair’ will be helpful for you if you don’t have enough time. To curl the hair properly, please don’t rush. Just do it with the cold blood. If you don’t have enough time, then leave it. Another advice for you is that; pick up a lightweight flat iron. Otherwise, you cannot hold the flat iron for long, and it is the reason for drawing back.