How To Use A Hot Air Brush on Short Hair

There are hundreds and hundreds of products destined for the hair care of the woman. That’s quite obvious, there are brushes made with all materials, with any kind of sassy form and for all kind of uses.

However, today we have got a unique hair brush that’s quite often ignored and neglected. We are talking about the Hot Air Brush and in this article, we are going to let you know all the steps to successfully comb your hair and produce that amazing hairstyle you are looking for.

In fact, a hot air brush may be one of the most important and essential beauty tools of any woman. They curl the hair in a matter of seconds and there is no easier way to do it than with this brush.

Is there any downside? It’s not that easy no use and most people end up messing up their hair, even permanently.

Don’t worry, you won’t burn your hair or mess it up because we have got the perfect guide on how to use a hot air brush on short hair:

How to use a Hot Air Brush on Short Hair
  1. Wash and prepare your hair: If we want to get a new hairstyle, then it is good idea to do it on a blank chart, right? It won’t have any sense if you are hot airbrushing your hair with natural hair oil and other dirtiness of your hair. Curling it will be easier if you prepare your hair, though. Apply volumizing products to your hair to add volume and help the curls to hold up.
  2. Dry your hair: Washing it is you’re the first step, and the most you let your hair dry the better. However, it will work if at least you have 80% of your hair dried. Don’t use dryers or hot brushes to dry it out, natural hair dry itself way healthier than with products and hot tools.
  3. Comb your hair before: Another misleading step is the fact you have to comb your hair and detangle it completely. If you don’t comb your hair, using the hot air brush will be a pain in the back.
  4. Plugging the hot air hair brush: A no-brainer, a little bit obvious, but you will not believe many people forget the fact this hairbrush work with electricity to heat up. It works exactly the same as it would a hot brush. So the first step is to locate a plug and plug in it on the wall. Then, it will start to heat up. Watch out burning the tip of your fingers!
  5. Adjust the temperature: The temperature you are using has a direct impact on your results. So, do a little bit of research before digging into some specific hairstyle. However, some previous experience with hot brushes will be valuable as you will know exactly what the best temperature for your hair is. Different hairstyles and hairs follicle needs a specific temperature, but you will know it in a matter of seconds with some research on Google.
  6. Start separating your hair into sections: It is way easier by following up this instruction. You can easily notice how hard it is to hot air brush your hair by not breaking it down into pieces that you can actually work separately. If you are doing this from the beginning, the results will suck and your hair won’t look as asymmetric as it needs to be. Start by the front, back or side of your hair, it doesn’t matter, but work into pieces and evenly thought out your hair.
  7. Start with the bottom section: Any women will say that using a hot air brush is way different on short hair than long hair. The first thing to do is lift up the first pieces or segments of hair and place the hairbrush underneath it, as near as the roots as possible but keeping distance to not to burn yourself. Use a hand to twirl the hot air brush outwards, while you keep it against your roots. Your other hand will be used to hold the section of hair down on top of the twirling hot air brush with your palm. Every section needs to be brushed 15 seconds, no more than that or you will burn it.
  8. Use it on the rest of the section: Curl from the bottom to the top, and curl the remaining sections of your hair using the hot air brush working on one section at a time. The more relaxes and patient you are, the better will be the results!

Conclusion: How to use a Hot Air Brush on Short Hair

As you can tell, how to use a hot air brush on short hair won’t be a problem anymore. Even though it’s different than brushing long hair, the same technique applies but slightly different.

The only thing you need is –a hot air brush, obviously-, now, seriously you just need time to hairbrush tiny section of air at a time. That’s the secret to get a perfect hairstyle and not mess up your hair in the process.

However, if you take time and you hot air brush you hair part by part, you won’t believe the amazing results you will get in form of a new hairstyle.

It’s not different at all; there are just 8 steps you have to follow to successfully accomplish that new styling…

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