How to Use Eyelash Extension Glue

As glamorous women, we are always seeking ways to improve our natural beauties. Adding eyelashes are not a bad idea when it comes to a cheap, easy-to-maintain and trendy product to make our look excellent.

In most of the countries, the summer is almost gone and maintaining Eyelash Extension Glue is easier and hassle-free.

Humidity is the first enemy of eyelash extension glue. That’s why many of them fall off quickly or start looking messed up. If there’s humidity, your eyelashes are more likely to suffer due to the stability of the substance.

Even, though many people believe that eyelashes are prompt to fall or get messed up pretty quickly due to overwhelming heat and sunny days, it’s more attributed to the presence of humidity.

There are 4 tips we have for you in order to keep those eyelash extension glue stick together in a meticulous way:

1. Quality Products:

You are treating the delicate eyes of your customers, family or friends. Whoever it may be, you cannot just buy it at a cheap rate and that’s why you must get high-quality products. Only those from reliable retailers or online store are eligible to use and those with high-rated reviews.

Eyelash extension glue is really resistant. But cheap and garbage glues won’t even work for a few hours. Within a few minutes of applying, they will start to fall off, and we are not considering the possible damage on eyes or natural eyelashes.

If you stick with popular brands and high-rated products, you will be good, though.

2. Use A Dehumidifier

As humidity is the first enemy of eyelash extension glue, we need to expel it out of the room where we are going to apply the eyelashes extension for natural beauties. Using a dehumidifier will provide the perfect ambient environment setting to make your eyelash extension glue perform the better. I know, using a dehumidifier is not at the reach of everyone. In that case, you might be able to try it on a low humidity density room. Hope that it will get the job done.

In addition, using a dehumidifier will also decrease the amount of glue you use. Because, when the glue becomes unstable, it thickens on the jade stone and that makes you use more drops of glue.

3. Start Sticking Them

The first thing you can to do is to pour a couple of drops of adhesive on a little piece of paper or a flat stone or even a small plate. This technique is basically dipping each one of the eyelashes in the glue, as you would do with Doritos and dip sauce.

However, you must hold every eyelash with the tip of your favorite tool, then precise and delicately dip every eyelash into the deepest side of the drop of the glue and slowly drag out.

Make sure that there are not any dots or noticeable residues that make eyelashes look bulky. The art of slowly dragging them out is the key to making them look perfect. So, take your time to use this technique properly. Then, it is as easy as to start applying every single eyelash until making complete eyelashes.

4. Store Your Glue And Don’t Ruin It

Storing your glue is as important as applying the eyelashes properly.

A bad storage place or poor maintaining habits can ruin your glue in a few days after the first use. That’s why you need to clean the tip of your eyelash extension glue and keep it in a controlled room.

The room where it’s storage should have a temperature of 21-24ºC and a rate of humidity between 30 % and 55 %. It’s convenient to know that one can easily store it in a refrigerator or a dry and cool place.


Man is the worship of beauty. And beauty can be enhanced easily using Eyelash Extension Glue. You also should be careful during using eyelash otherwise it can be very harmful to your eyes. If you didn’t use this extension before, then call a friend to stay aside you. Before using it, just shut the eye completely. Then apply this product carefully and enjoy your times with the natural beauties of you and show your beauties to the world.

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