How To Use Hair Straightener Without Damaging Hair

There is no woman but wants to have stylish, sleek, shiny and voluminous hair. Women with curly hair want straight and shiny hair. On the contrary, these women who have straight hair want lavish curl. In truth, we don’t want that what we have now, we always want to get something different hairstyle.

Once it was almost impossible styling our preferred hair fashion, but it is no longer impossible in this modern age. Now, we can change our hairstyle now and then using a hair straightener at home efficiently. But if you don’t know how to use it, then there may have the probability of damaging your hair slowly or instantly. Hence it is better to know about the usage of a hair straightener correctly before trying lonely. So, read this whole writing to know ‘How to Use Hair Straightener without Damaging Hair’ properly.


۞ Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
۞ A Soft Towel
۞ A Wide-Toothed Comb
۞ Heat Protector Hair Spray or Thermal Smoother Cream
۞ A Hair Dryer
۞ Some Hair-slides
۞ A high-Quality Hair Straightener of Your Needs
۞ Setting Spray


Before using a hair straightener, prepare your hair first. I’ve provided the way of equipping your hair below.

Step-1: Wash Off Your Hair

First, wash off your hair with shampoo and conditioner to remove the speck and dust from the scalp. For washing up, let your hair wet first. Rinse your hair gently and then apply the shampoo you use onto your scalp. After two and a half minutes, wash it with warm water. Always use quality products that make your hair more smooth and more voluminous. Before using shampoo and conditioner, comb your hair once.

Step-2: Remove Water & Tangle

After washing, remove the water from the hair with a soft towel or an old soft T-Shirt instead of a course or nubby towel. Don’t rumple your hair. Make your hair damp by gently squeezing, not harshly ruffling. After being damp, comb your hair to remove the tangles with a wide-toothed comb. Experts say, using a hair straightener to the tangled hair is threatening to your lovely hair.

Step-3: Apply Heat Protection Spray or Cream

Apply Heat Protection Hair Spray or Thermal Hair Smoother Cream in your damp hair. Damp hair can absorb the serum easily. Also, you should avoid applying the serum directly onto the roots. Just spray the heat protector lightly or gently apply the cream and comb your hair for the second time to distribute the serum or cream as a whole. Cheaper products are not good, so avoid them.

Step-4: Dry Up Your Hair

Dry up your hair with a hair-dryer thoroughly. Wet hair is not suitable for using the hair straightener, because hot hair straightener will make your hair crinkled. When using it, it is best to keep the temperature lower, because high-temperature causes frizzy hair. You can increase the heat of you need. To achieve smooth, sleek, shiny hair, blow your hair from the roots to the end.

Step-5: Choose The Right Hair Straightener

To prevent permanent hair damage, choose the right type of hair straightener. You will find plenty of hair straighteners. I’ll recommend you to use flat hair straightener because, with it, you can make your hair straight or wavy or lavish curl. Moreover, if you want, you can buy the particular hair straightener for the hairstyle you desire. To see the best reviews of top hair straighteners.

Step-6: Warm Up The Straightener

To straighten your hair, warm up the hair straightener as you need. Depending on the length of your hair, set the iron to the correct temperature. To prevent hair damage, set the higher temperature (400–450ºF) for the thicker and frizzier hair; set the lowest for thinner.


Separate your hair with hair-slides into several sections with one or two inches thick. Pin the outer layer and start straining from the bottom layer after making sure that the temperature is set correctly.
Gathering a coat of hair into your fingers, comb for the last and clasp your straightener about one and a half or two inches away from the root. Then firmly pool it to the downward of your hair. Keep doing this several times. Don’t run your straightener over a particular section of your hair more than of 3 times.
After being finished the first section, unpin the second section- another layer of your hair and repeat the process of straining hair the same as before. Thus straight all the sections of your hair from bottom to surface one by one.
Having completed straightening, apply some Setting Spray throughout your hair so that your lovely hair will be straight for a long time. Now, enjoy your time with your beautiful bright hair all day long.


A bit of unawareness can damage your hair permanently; your ear can be burnt by a hot hair straightener at any time. So, try to be alert during hair-dressing. For the first time, it’s better to take help from other people who are experts in hairdressing. Whether your hair will be damaged or not will mostly depend on the hair products you will use. Today, many companies are producing various kinds of hair products. Many people cannot realize which products they should buy. In that case, to see the best hair products, you can check out by CLICKING HERE. Hope, it will aid you in choosing the right products for your hair.
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