How To Wash Human Hair Wig? Best Tips For You – 2022

Hair is one of the best important parts of the human body to look beautiful. Only hairless people can understand the lack of hair. They always become the laughing-stock of others and get upset. Isn’t there any solution to baldness? Well, there are many solutions like medical treatment and so on but they are expensive and long-term processes.

A hair wig is an alternative solution for bald or hairless people. It is a cap with hand-sewn artificial or human hair that covers the baldness of one’s. It’s very easy to wear. Just apply glue or tape to the front, sides, and back and then gently put on the wig on your head and settle it where you want.

Wearing a hair wig is easier and less expensive than anything. It’s also easy to carry and wash. So, if you have one, here are some important tips for using and maintaining your wig.

How To Wear A Wig

You must follow some steps to wear a wig otherwise it won’t fulfill your expectations. So, let’s know about wearing a wig step by step.

 💠 Step-1: Choose A Wig Type

The first step is to choose a wig type. There are four major types: the lace front type, full lace type, U-part lace type, and 360 lace frontal type. Choose anyone according to your taste and needs.

 💠 Step-2: Prepare Your Hair

If you have natural hair, you must pull them back from your frontal hairline and ensure that it won’t be visible under the wig. Use a stretchy headband or similar item to push your hair back from the hairline. Twist or pin up your hair back so that it can’t make bumps or uneven places.

 💠 Step-3: Prepare Your Skin

Before putting on your wig, prepare your skin by wiping your skin around the hairline. Dip a cotton pad into an alcohol solution and use it for wiping. This will help the glue or adhesive tape stick better to your skin by removing excess oil and dirt. Then, apply a scalp protector gel, cream, or spray to avoid irritation and damage from the glue or tape.

 💠 Step-4: Put On A Wig Cap

If you have whether long or short hair, you must wear a net or skin-toned nylon wig cap to prevent wig slippage. Make sure that all of your hair is underneath it. But, if you don’t have any hair, you can skip this step.

 💠 Step-5: Apply The Glue Or Adhesive Tape

Apply a thin layer of wig glue through a makeup brush around your hairline or use some double strip adhesive tape to secure your wig. You can also use both of them. You don’t need to apply them to the entire scalp, apply just around the frontal hairline.

 💠 Step-6: Put On The Wig And Fix

Now, put on your wig gently over your hairline and fix it with your fingers. Make sure that the glue and tape are not visible. If you are using a lace front wig, fix the lace properly. After fixing the wig, do any style with your wig hair and you are all set.

how to wash a human hair wig

How To Remove A Wig

If you have used glue in your wig, pulling it down directly can be painful and harmful for your skin. Wet a towel into hot water and wipe constantly the glue area till the wig get loose and then pull down the wig gently. Otherwise, take some hot water into a spray bottle and add a little salt or soda or olive oil and shake the mixture water. Now, spray it around the hair edge and cover it with a shower cap for 5-10 minutes. The wig will get loose and then pull it down gently. You can also use a wig glue remover but it’s expensive and made of harmful chemicals.

How To Wash A Hair Wig

Washing a wig is different from normal hair washing. Wash it step by step as given below.

 💠 Step-1: Put Off And Brash The Wig

To wash a human hair wig, at first, put off the wig and brush it gently from the ends. Remove all knots, and take the wig to the washing sink.

 💠 Step-2: Fill The Sink With Shampoo Water And Wash The Wig

Don’t apply shampoo directly to the wig fibers. Fill the washing sink with clean water and add some shampoo in it. Then rinse the wig with your fingers in it and rewash with normal clean water.

 💠 Step-3: Apply Conditioner And Wash Again

Apply a suitable conditioner onto the hair avoiding the root and wait for 2/3 minutes. Then, rinse the wig with cold water until the water runs clear.

 💠 Step-4: Dry And Style The Wig

After washing the wig, roll it into a dry towel and then keep it on a wig stand to get dry naturally. When it will be dry completely, it’s ready to wear and style any.

A hair wig needs more care and maintenance. You should wash it regularly for keeping healthy and shiny.