Infiniti Pro Conair Brush: The Pros and Cons

Who doesn’t like to keep their hair pretty and gorgeous? To get lovely hair, you might think for a thousand times before you get something for your hair. Probably you applied various kinds of shampoo and conditioner, tried many products including hair brush on the hair. But you didn’t get the desired result… Your hair needs a lot of attention; and if you love your hair so much, you have to use the best products to get hair like stars. There are many cosmetics, shampoo, conditioners and other tools for keeping the hair more shiny and lustrous. Who doesn’t want to know about these that will help them to have their desired hair? If you are also chasing down for something like that gorgeous hair, then try INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR. It is one of the Best Hot Air Brush for Short Fine HairYou must check out this brush for once. This brush has all the features that will make your hair more attractive and shiny. Then why don’t you try this best hot air brush to flaunt for getting voluminous hair?


This INFINITIPRO brush by CONAIR comes with two tourmaline ceramic spin air brush add-ons that help a lot in drying your hair. And not only that, both the attachments also let you customize the pattern of your hair from voluminous curl to natural curl. The brush comprises of negative ion generator that will release up to 100 times more concentrated ions so that it can be protective towards your hair and prevent from getting damaged. In a word, the brush does a great job to make your hair smooth and shines and gives you a different motivation to flaunt it everywhere.


While the 2-inches spin air brush of INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR appears to create voluminous curls to your hair, the 1.5-inch spin air brush creates small natural waves and curls. Not only that, the brush is also able to make your hair shine when you dry it out with ceramic technology that does the job of drying. It will not only promote your hair but also keep it refreshed for a longer-term. So, if you have a short hair and wish to get the best air brush, then this is something you can think about.

Infiniti Pro Conair Brush Reviews

Extra Function

The best thing about this brush is that you will be able to rotate the stuff in both directions to make your hair voluminous and shiny. The brush consists of two heat settings and one cool setting for all kinds of hair. But there is one thing that you need to know and that is if the brush is set on the ‘cool setting’, then it will neither spin nor get hot. So, you must check the brush before using it. However, you will also get a protective brush cover with the unit so that you can keep it for storage.

Weight And Strength

Well, as for the durability of the product, you will find it pretty long-lasting. And it’s the three years warrant of the brand that speaks so. Besides, you will also find it quite lightweight to hold and use it so it will be easy on your arm as well as your hand.

infiniti pro conair brush

The Goodness 

  • It can create a tremendous salon-like finish and volume that is not possible to get it with a hairdryer or straightener.
  • Comes with two different add-ons to make your hair volume-able and shine.
  • The brush is very easy to use. It might take you about 20 to 30 minutes to style your hair pattern.
  • The brush is enough lightweight to hold it for a long time. So your arms will not get tired using it.
  • The brush is able enough to rotate in both directions only while in heat setting mode.
  • The buttons are easy to figure it.
  • The bristles will feel soft and great on your head. They will not even tangle your hair.

The Badness

  • The handle of the brush comes in thick so you might find a little difficult to hold that.
  • It might require a small extension on the end of the brush so that you can hold it with the other hand.
  • The brush will not rotate while it is on the cool setting.
  • It might tangle your hair occasionally while using the spin.
  • The spin will get stopped if you use the cool airflow.
  • It requires some more power to dry the hair quicker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have dual voltage? Can I use it outside the US?

A: No, the INFINITIPRO brush BY CONAIR does not come with dual voltage. It basically works on 110V in the United States. If you want to use it outside the US, you will need a voltage converter to use it for 220V, otherwise, without the converter, the brush will get burnt.

Q: What is the diameter of the brush and can it blow hot air?

A: The brush features a 2 inch solid center with 1-inch of bristles around it that gives an overall diameter of 3 inches. And yes, it does blow hot, medium and cool air. However, you will have to remember that it will spin only on hot and medium mode, not in the cool mode.

Q: How are the bristles?

A: The bristles of the brush feel really soft. So you don’t need to worry as they will not penetrate your fair, rather work on making your hair thick and shiny.

Q: Can you use it with wet hair? Can it dry the hair?

A: You can use the brush with wet hair but your hair should not be soaking wet. And yes the unit can dry up the hair and it is a great brush to style your hair the way you want.

Q: What is the length of the cord?

A: The length of the cord is 5 feet.

Wrapping Up

It is absolutely understandable that how much concerned you will be going to feel before buying your hair something. But since the brush is impressing almost all the girls, it would not be a big concern to have it. And now that you know a lot about this INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR, the choice is all yours. You rather go for it or leave it.