John Frieda Hot Air Brush Vs Revlon: Which One Is Your Best Buy?

With the aid of the magical power of advanced hair appliances, you are able to enjoy the pleasure of creating stylish professional hairstyles in the comfort of your home. The brand John Frieda and Revlon are no other exceptions. 

When it comes to choosing between these two trustworthy components, it might cause your minds to get engulfed with confusion. In order to save you from all that trouble, we have jotted every detail regarding John Frieda Hot Air Brush vs Revlon in this article! 

Grab a cup of iced tea and keep on scrolling down to make the best hair purchase of your life! 

Specifications: John Freida vs Revlon Hot Air Brush

To get a simpler comparison between the two hot airbrushes, we have included this specifications table. This provides you with a side-by-side comparison which plays a big role in clearing up the fog of confusion. 

SpecificationsJohn Frieda Hot Air BrushRevlon Hot Air Brush
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MaterialBoar, titanium, nylonNylon
Dimension (LxWxH)3.63×6.5×15.38 inches‎ 4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 inches
Weight1.92 pounds1.8 pounds
Heat settings2 types3 types
Cooling OptionYesYes
CoatingsTitanic ceramic coated barrelCeramic coating
Ionic TechnologyYesYes
Voltage required500 watts120 watts

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6 Significant Differences of John Frieda Hot Air Brush and Revlon Hot Air Brush: 

  1. Firstly, both the brushes have a slight difference when it comes to weight, John Frieda weighs about 1.92 pounds whereas the Revlon one stands at 1.8 pounds. 
  2. John Frieda Hot Air Brush has dimensions of 3.63×6.5×15.38 inches whereas the Revlon Hot Air Brush is about ‎ 4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 inches.
  3. The John Frieda one is made of materials like boar, titanium, and nylon, on the other hand, the Revlon one is only made of nylon. 
  4. Among John Frieda Brush and Revlon Brush, one has 2 types of heat settings and the other 3 types respectively. 
  5. John Frieda consists of removable parts which are not present in the Revlon Hot Air Brush. 
  6. John Frieda’s one works on 500 watts whereas the Revlon one works perfectly with 120 watts. 

In-depth Comparison: John Frieda vs Revlon One Step Volumizer

Up until now, we have just been keeping track of the important details but now it’s time to get in-depth. So, in this section, we will dig into the small details to make your purchase even sweatier! 


No matter what appliance you are willing to buy, weight is always one of the number one aspects. As these Hot Air Brushes are portable items, therefore, the lighter your tools, the less of a burden they will be on your shoulders. In short, it means always go for a lighter one! 

John Frieda Hot Air Brush: As this one has many additional parts to it, therefore, it stands at the weight of about 1.92 pounds. 

Revlon Hot Air Brush: As you might realize by now, this one is a single piece so it has a lighter weight of about 1.8 pounds.

Revlon is lighter in weight than John Frieda Hot Air Brush.


Although both of these have the same function which is to free your hair from frizz with a voluminous and shiny finish, the material always matters. The material from which the products are manufactured is in charge of their performance along with the weight and durability. Most of these brushes are made from nylon. Let’s see how our competition participants perform in this factor. 

John Frieda Brush: This one is made up of numerous materials like boar, titanium, and nylon. The interchangeable barrels consist of nylon bristles which are usually responsible for the shiny finishing touch. 

Revlon Hot Air Brush: Unlike the previous one, this one is only manufactured from nylon. However, like John Frieda’s one this one also consists of nylon bristles along with boars which provide the shiny and smooth finished look. 

John Frieda’s brush is made up of more materials whereas Revlon’s one is only made up of nylon.


The importance of the coating on your brush can’t be exaggerated any further. Why? Well, this simple coating ensures that the distribution of heat on your brush is even to decrease your efforts. 

Fortunately, in the case of John Frieda vs Revlon Hot Air Brush, both of the brushes are finished off with a fine coat of titanium ceramic coat, which reduces the probabilities of any heat damage. 

Both have a ceramic coating.

Removable parts

John Frieda’s Hot Air Brush: As you might know by now, this hairbrush is offered to you with 1 ½ inch and 2-inch brush attachments which each perform individual tasks. 

Revlon Brush: Unlike the other one, this one consists of no detachable parts. This is because it consists of the all necessary parts for achieving the perfect smooth and non-frizzy hair in only one brush. 

John Frieda’s Brush has extra parts which are not present in the Revlon one.


When using this type of equipment for personal usage, it’s always important to ensure your safety first. In order to do so, you should look at the charging details of the appliance to check if safety precautions are taken properly. 

In this case, both of the brushes consist of a professional swivel cord for safely maintained charging. This cord ensures non-tangled hence a hassle-free charging process. 

Both have a swivel cord. 

Heat settings

Most hot airbrushes have different settings to make your perfect hair gaining process easier. These two are no alternatives! 

John Frieda’s Hot Air Brush: This brand is providing you with two heat settings to get the perfect shiny hair. Using these, you shall be able to easily lock your styles with full voluminous hair. Not to forget, it also comes with a cool shot setting. 

Revlon Brush: This one has three settings. This ensures that you are able to dry and style your hair with full flexibility. As there are unique airflow vents present in this one, therefore, the cool shot setting is not provided to the users. 

Revlon has 3 heat settings whereas Frieda’s one has only two. 


Make sure that you keep the pricing in mind. We always recommend looking for products with all the requirements while keeping your wallet as happy as possible. 

 In this case, John Frieda’s brush is comparatively much more expensive than Revlon’s one. 


 John Frieda’s Hot Air Brush: 
Revlon’s Hot Air Brush:

Editor’s Choice

Let’s get straightforward now, both the products have somewhat the same features. Both are perfectly equipped for performing their function properly. Therefore when it comes to choosing between the one you might start seeing stars!  

However, we got your back covered! If you ask us then we would say that you should go for Revlon’s hot airbrush. Why? It is extremely price-efficient, lightweight, and not to forget easier to use. 


After going through our detailed review on John Frieda Hot Air Brush vs Revlon One Step, you should be prepared to make the final decision. Choose the one that you think will serve you the best. Happy Shopping!