Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing this website. This website contains key information with regards to reviews of products on Amazon and is strictly for information purposes. This website has been monetized with the aid of our affiliate sites. Our advertising partner, Google Adsense, makes use of cookies and web beacons on our site.

The privacy of the visitors who visit our website is crucial. The privacy document lists details about the type of personal details received and collected by us and how it is used.

What Information Is Collected:

The information collection is done in two ways :

Getting Permission When A New User Logs In :

When you sign up to view our reviews, you voluntarily provide details such as your name, email ID, photo, comments and any other information provided during the logging in process. If the site is accessed through a mobile phone, we are also provided with the location details. If you log in using any of your social media accounts such a Facebook or Google plus, we obtain all the relevant details that do not come under the security policies.

Relevant Information Based On The Reviews Interacted With :

Log Files : Once you log in to make use of our facilities, the websites support the maintenance of log files which contain details of your internet protocol addresses, browser used, date and time stamp, entry and exit pages, track the pages accessed by the user and other such information that cannot be used for personal identification.

Cookies And Web Beacons:

Depending on the type of access to the site’s products, we may use cookies which might last till you close the page or clear your browser, to store the log data. They provide information about the user’s preferences which help customize the content when they use the website the next time.

Device Information :

If you log in using your mobile, along with the log on details, your device details such as a type of device used, operating system, device identifiers or crash data are also collected. This depends on the type of device used and it’s privacy settings in place.

How The Information Collected Is Used :

The information gathered from the users visiting our website helps us to customize the content that we display to you. For example, if you prefer one Amazon product over the other, based on the review, the content is customized to display the products that suit your preference.

Displaying advertisements that you might be interested in.

Respond to any queries quickly.

Help locate any acquaintances you might know via your social media information.

Send updates, marketing materials, newsletters or other relevant information about the products that you might be interested in.

How The Information Collected Might Be Shared :

If you provide us the consent we can be shared your favorite products and their reviews on your social media accounts that you might have used to register.

We may employ third party services to process personal information, like security consultants to identify spam, all within the boundaries of the Privacy Policy.

If it is deemed necessary to share personal information for a legal request or comply with the law; in order to protect the rights, safety, and property of the public, person or the website; and to detect and deal with fraud, security or technical issues.

Notice Regarding Using Third Party Advertising :

We have no control or access to the cookies used by third party advertisers. To know more about them, check out the privacy policies of those ad servers to obtain detailed information on how to opt out of certain practices.

If you wish to disable cookies while viewing our website, make use of your browser options to do the same.