Rainbow Vacuum VS Shark – Which Is The Right Choice For Your Home?

There is a debate that has been raging for years in the vacuum world, Rainbow vs Shark. Which one should you buy? If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum, then go with the rainbow vacuum. However, if you want a high-quality machine that is more powerful and durable, go for a shark! There are many vacuums out there but these two stand out from the crowd. The ultimate decision is up to you which one will suit your needs best!

Shark vs Rainbow Vacuum: What’s the Difference?

Rainbow vacuum vs Shark

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner:

The Rainbow vacuum is the original and first home cleaning system that utilizes water to capture dust and dirt. The Rainbow has been produced by a company called Numatic International since 1969 and has sold over 20 million Rainbow vacuums around the world.

This is due to the Rainbow’s ability to completely clean carpets and floors using only water- one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly methods to clean. Rainbow vacuums are durable, lightweight and easy to maneuver with a variety of attachments.

Rainbow vacuums have been an American favorite for years and have attracted many Rainbow enthusiasts who love their Rainbow vacuum and see no reason why they would ever need another vacuum. Rainbow vacuum reviews are always positive and many Rainbow owners become Rainbow collectors who own more than one Rainbow for their home.

The Rainbow vacuum is known as the “King of Clean” with high praise for its powerful suction, long-lasting durability and multiple attachments that make it a versatile machine perfect for pet owners and families with allergies.

Rainbow vacuum reviews boast Rainbow’s ingenious design and ease of use. Rainbow has a large following of customers who believe that it is the finest vacuum for many reasons, including its simplicity of use, range of attachments, Rainbow accessories, and filter technology.

  • Uses water to clean floors
  • eco-friendly! The Rainbow also captures more dirt than other types of vacuums so Rainbow owners are able to spend less time cleaning their house
  • Rainbow is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Rainbow can also be used as a portable wet/dry vacuum for water damage, messes or spills
  • Rainbow may not clean carpets as well as other types of vacuums Rainbow vacuum may need to be used on carpets several times to remove all dirt and debris

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark vacuum is an American-made vacuum that has been around since the 1970s. The Shark is known for its durability, power, excellent filtration system and budget price tag. The Shark vacuum cleans well due to its strong suction and powerful brush roll.

This is a reliable vacuum that comes with several add-ons such as built-in lights, different types of filters for different types of allergies and innovative features like the lift-away canister which allows this vacuum to turn into a portable powerhouse when you pick it up from the floor unit.

Shark vacuum reviews are also very positive and many consumers of this vacuum swear by its performance and ability to clean anything from wood floors to stairs.

The Shark vacuum is known as “The Tank” due to how heavy-duty and powerful it is. Shark vacuum reviews state that Shark vacuums are extremely durable machines with high suction and excellent filtration. This is a great multi-purpose vacuum perfect for pet hair, stairs, upholstery and bare flooring.

Pros Shark Vacuum

  • Powerful suction for pet hair, multiple surfaces and large debris
  • There are also built-in lights for better visibility, which is ideal for steps.
  • Shark has excellent filtration to keep the air clean – the shark is bagless so less money is spent on replacement filters.
  • If not emptied out frequently, the Dirt cup can fill up quickly which makes it hard for suction power to work properly. Also, emptying this vacuum can be quite messy.
  • Shark vacuum attachments are bulky and can sometimes be cumbersome to use.

FAQ: Shark VS Rainbow Vacuum:

1. What is the shelf life of Rainbow vacuum?

Rainbow vacuums have a large motor that has an estimated life expectancy of 25 years under normal conditions. However, Rainbow’s life expectancy can drastically be reduced if Rainbow is not taken care of and the Rainbow filter is not cleaned and/or replaced frequently. It is recommended that Rainbow filters be washed out once a month with warm soapy water and Rainbow filters should be replaced every three to six months.

2. What type of vacuum cleaners does Rainbow make?

Rainbow sells several varieties of vacuums to meet every cleaning need. Rainbow makes upright Rainbow vacuums, Rainbow canister vacuums and Rainbow cordless vacuums. Rainbow also offers Rainbow vacuum accessories and Rainbow carpet shampooers to clean and refresh the carpets in your home.

3. What is Rainbow’s filtration system?

Rainbow has a “Self-Cleaning Rainbow Filtration System” that captures fine dust particles when centrifugal force is used to cast the dirt out of the Rainbow filter in water. Rainbow vacuums come with different Rainbow filters, one for wet use and the other for dry pick-up.

4. How often should Rainbow’s dirty filter be replaced?

Rainbow filters need to be replaced regularly due to Rainbow’s Rainbow filtration system. Rainbow filters should be replaced every one to six months depending on Rainbow use.

5. What is Rainbow’s rating for pet hair?

Rainbow’s Rainbow Rainbow Pet vacuum is rated a 4.7 out of 5 for Rainbow cleaning pet hair from carpets and Rainbow hard floors. Rainbow reviewers state Rainbow has great Rainbow for pet hair, especially on Rainbow stairs.

6. Are sharks good vacuums?

Yes, Sharks are very good vacuums. They have powerful suction and can handle pet hair on Rainbow stairs or Rainbow upholstery with ease. Shark is also lightweight and easy to use for Rainbow quick cleanups.

7. How long do Shark vacuums last?

Shark has a 1-year warranty on Rainbow parts and Rainbow labor. The motor is warranted for 5 years. So the Rainbow answer would be, it depends on how well Rainbow cares for Rainbow Shark. Sharks can last Rainbow long as 25 years if taken proper Rainbow maintenance.


Shark has better quality, longer warranties, more Rainbow tools and accessories, powerful filtration systems and stronger Rainbow for picking up everything from pet hair to large debris. The only thing that the Rainbow has more of is weight loss awards!