Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Some say that shampoo is the best way to get your hair looking perfect; some say applying the excellent conditioner will do the trick but has anyone questioned the aftercare? Not really; well, Revlon would certainly like to change that. Being a busy person and looking professionally blamed for a job or any party or particular occasion isn’t always easy. It requires skill and hard work to achieve.

What if we told you, you could achieve a look every day at home without wasting a considerable amount of time or without even spending money on trips to the salon? Yes, you heard it is a perfect hairstyle that does not require a professional salon to pull off. You can quickly achieve great looks with this hair dryer and volumizer; it’s supposed to be a hot airbrush, which creates the perfect look within no time. You can quickly achieve a look that gets you ready in seconds, and it’s only a one-time investment that will move you higher on the look grade with just one blow.

What Do We Like About This Revlon Got Airbrush?

Well, first off, this is a one-stop solution to your daily life routine of getting a blow out at the salon and trying to maintain it for at least two days so you don’t go bankrupt. This hot airbrush allows you to keep a perfect hairstyle right out of the shower.

Drying your hair may also sometimes seem like a job and may seem like something that can take hours on end, especially if you’re someone with naturally curly hair or thick hair. This dryer allows you to reach your roots and not let them be damaged while still managing to dry your hair with the perfect amount of heat, which can be set by yourself whenever you require. The hot hairbrush does not damage your scalp and manages to make it dry while also adding volume to it. Hair should not look flat or frizzy. This reminds me this hairdryer can always deliver perfect heat to your hair without making it look like you were in a fight. It won’t turn your hair frizzy to look tangled; thought that look could be achieved by simply not brushing your hair but let’s not talk about that here.

The dryer has new IONIC technology, which reduces your hair frizz up to 30%, I mean, they had me do the quick-drying, but frizz reduction is something of a big deal for all us ladies.

Now you must be thinking this won’t fit your hair length, but why worry when Revlon has you covered? This does not only come with smaller brush attachments. It has a few options you can choose from. A longer hair length would undoubtedly need a lot more of a handle; as your hair grows, this dryer provides. It has multiple brushes that are easily attached to the handle, and you can then style and manage your hair the way you want.

revlon hair dryer and volumizer

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What Does This Dryer Offer That The Others Don’t?

Which hair dryer offers a built-in brush which suits your hair perfectly and won’t let you down? There might be a few but not like this one.

With Every Aspect Thought Out, This Is A Perfect Option.

This dryer comes with three sets of hairbrushes, easily detached, and changed between your preferred sizes. What does this do, you ask? Well, each hair length has a specific hairbrush dedicated to it; the longer your hair gets, the bigger brush you can use. Not only this, but to add additional volume to your hair, you can swap a bigger hairbrush, and it’ll allow your hair to have more volume.

Worried about scalp damage? You don’t need to; this dryer allows you to reach the end of your roots and dry your hair without adding excessive heat, which may cause damage. This reaches the end, and so it’s out the entire set of hair with a smooth transaction from the root to the tips. This allows a very silky and healthy look to your hair. The curled ends will enable you to have a perfect ending, which can be altered as preferred by the user.

This also doesn’t have a typical hairbrush, which is as essential and flat as the rest; this has an oval shape, which allows you to add a more rounded shape to your hair. The oval shape helps maintain a sleek look but does not flatten your hair to look much less healthy. The oval shape allows a good hold throughout the hair from top to bottom.

Are you still confused about the heat damage? Let me clear it out for you. This dryer is not all about the heat; it brings a cool setting, which makes your scalp feel fresh and brings a lot of options for you to work with. Three heat steps are allowed in this dryer. These settings will enable you to control which set suits your hair best and which setting should be used for hair drying and hairstyling since each of these require a different outlook.

There is an in build ION generator, which is called out for being a significant hand in quickly drying your hair. The generator makes it easier to dry your hair on busy mornings and not look like an entire mess.

The barrel on this hairdryer is 4.25”, the item weighs 1.8lbs and has a dimension of 17 inches.

You also won’t have to worry about touching an extremely hot tip, and the top always stays cool.

The heat factor only reduces with a ceramic barrel. Whereas the time is cut down, which makes it even easier to maintain less heat damage.

hair dryer brush

Why Should You Buy This Dryer?

  • The dryer offers a longer cord and a safety plug that can be used in all sockets across the USA.
  • Easier use since the entire thing is very light and has ergonomic designs.
  • It has multiple styling options.
  • It offers various hair brushes set to suit shorter and longer hair.
  • It’s offered at a low price and saves cost at the salons.
  • It is not like ordinary hairdryers and is a complete one-stop solution.
  • Offers multiple styling techniques
  • It is easy to manage

Why Should You Avoid Buying This Dryer?

  • The safety plug is built for only USA plugs and is suggested not to be plugged into extensions.
  • You will require a little bit of sectioning and patience in each section.
  • The company does not suggest a voltage converter as it will damage the unit.
  • The item is only shipped within the U.S.

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Coming to an end, you know all there is to know about this hairdryer. It’s easy to use and is always improving. The company always takes its products to the next level and makes sure its customers get the best out of their products. They don’t try too hard, and if you’re someone in the USA and need a quick one-stop solution to ensure you’re getting the most out of what you’re spending while still saving time and styling your hair perfectly, then this is the product for you.