Types Of Hair Spray

The hairstyle is one of the major parts of fashion. But, it is challenging to hold the styles for a long time naturally. Many grooming products including electronic appliances and chemical-based products are available to style and beautify the hair. The main fact of styling hair is to hold the style properly in place. Hair sprays can do this job perfectly. It gives the finishing touch to any style and keeps it perfect for a long time.

It is so important to choose a safe hair spray without harmful chemicals to avoid damage and hair fall. In this article, we have tried to show some tricks so that you will be able to find out the best hair spray that you want.

Types Of Hair Spray

What Is A Hair Spray?

Hair spray is basically a chemical-based liquid grooming product that helps to grow extra volume, bounce and secures them from humidity and wind for a long time. There are so many brands of hair sprays with different ingredients. But the basic ingredients are common among them. Here is the list of the ingredients with specific benefits.

  • Concentrate: A blend of polymers and copolymers of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) provides structural support like firmness to hair.
  • Propellants: Hydrocarbons like butane, dimethyl ether, isopropanol etcetera are very popular propellants used in hair sprays. Dimethyl ether works both as a propellant and solvent. Most of the bounce comes from these propellants.
  • Plasticizers: Citric acid, adipic acid, silicons, and Polyglycols are the mostly used plasticizer that holds firmness.
  • Fragrance: Aster and essential oils reduce the harsh smell of the chemicals and spread a mild fragrance.

These ingredients have been mixed up at their permitted level and then put into a spray can.

Types Of Hair Spray

Different types of hair spray are available to serve different purposes. Here are the types of the best hair sprays for women described below. Choose one according to your needs.

Regular basic hair spray

It’s just a spray that holds your hair in place without any extra features. Regular hair spray consists of fewer chemicals as women use it on daily purpose.

Volumizing hair spray

Volumizing hair spray is a kind of specialized regular hair spray with extra thickening formula. It coats each strand of hair and hair appears to be thicker and fuller.

Texturing hair spray

Texturing hair spray adds airy volume to all over the hair. It works just like dry shampoo except for oil-absorbing. Texturing hair spray doesn’t leave an irritating white residue and gives you a natural look.

Weightless Hair Spray

This is an extremely light hair spray that doesn’t give a heavy feeling. Those who have naturally bounced hair can use this light hair spray.

Finishing Hair Spray

A finishing hair spray gives the final touch to your hairstyle and holds it in place all day long. There are a few types of different finishing hair sprays. Some add extra shine while others give a matt finish to your hair.

How To Use Hair Spray?

Using a hair spray is too simple. You just need to follow the steps one by one written below-

  • Step 1: At first dry your hair properly and use a straightener or curler, if you want to make your hair straight or curly. You can also apply the spray on wet hair and then use the straightener or curler.
  • Step 2: If you want to spray all around the head, cover your forehead and eyes with one hand. Don’t spray too much. If you want to add volume in a specific place, spray only there.
  • Step 3: Now, brush your hair very gently and keep it free or style any. Hair spray will keep your style bouncy and secure from humidity and wind. Also, You can read more for details – Click Here.

Why Use Hair Spray?

Hair spray is a very common makeover product for hair. We need it every day or occasionally to maintain our hair and hairstyle. Let’s see why we should use hair spray-

  • For finishing hold: To hold your style all day long, you just need to apply a hair spray. It will keep your hair presentable and maintained.
  • For extra volume: Without volume, no style looks good. A volumizing hair spray adds extra volume and thickness to your hair. It differentiates each of the strands of hair and allows you to style any.
  • To avoid pollution: Hair spray makes a protective layer over your hair and protects your hair from pollution, humidity, and wind. It doesn’t let your hair getting oily or dry.
  • To avoid curls: Hair gets curled after drying. Apply some hair spray before and after using a hair straightener for whole day straight hair.

As we know that hair spray is a solution of chemical compounds, we shouldn’t use it frequently. Excessive use of hair spray can damage your hair and scalp. So, use it occasionally with proper rules and regulations.

What Types Of Hair Spray Is The Best For Women?

Both men and women use hair spray but men use it for only finishing hold. Women need to add volume and style also. So, women should need a hair spray that will give her volume, texture, hold and protection from pollution.

I think volumizing hair spray can serve the overall needs of women. So, if you are looking for a suitable hair spray, you can try a volumizing hair spray. It will give a fuller and thicker look to your hair and hold your style for the whole day.

To Sum Up

We live in a modern age. Here we need to remain stylish and presentable all the time. Hair spray is such a kind of product that helps you to boost your personality. Women need this product badly as their long hair is difficult to maintain. So, the best hair sprays for women are in great demand. Use a hairspray that best suits your hair texture and stay flawless.