Types Of Human Hair Wigs Including Wig Cap Construction

There is a great difference between the types of human hair wigs and wig styles. But sadly many people don’t understand the difference and mix them up. The result is, they include wig styles with wig types and make misguidance.

We are not talking about the style which you can do at home rather we are talking about the types which are not changeable at all. So, you will be able to make a good choice to pick the best wig.

There are different types of human hair wigs. Before discussing the types of human hair wigs, let us explain some other things about them.

What Are The Types Of Human Hair Wigs?

There are dozens of human hair wigs available in the market. The type is also different. We’ve designed this article considering wig cap construction and wig hair types so that you can easily catch the types.

Types Of Human Hair Wigs

Types Of Hair Wig: According To The Wig Cap Construction

Depending on the construction, there are different types of wig caps. Here are some of the popular and common types of wig caps you can have.

Monofilament Wig Cap

Monofilament is a single layer of thin and transparent micro-mesh made of synthetic fiber. It offers soft, cool, and breathable feelings on your scalp. The hair is tied by hand on the upper micro-mesh to make a standard monofilament wig cap. 

A standard monofilament wig cap is not perfect for the sensitive scalp as it has a single layer. If you have a sensitive scalp, you can use a double monofilament wig cap. There is another layer under the cap that covers the knots for comfort.

The price range of this type of wig is slightly higher than other wigs but this is worth buying. The mesh is transparent and looks like your skin color. It gives natural look with soft, cool, and breathable feelings with natural hair growth illusion.

Basic Wig Cap

This type of wig is made by sewing hair onto a wefted net or a thin elastic strip. Basically, the wefted net is given the shape of a basket and then sewn with a machine. Then the hair is attached by sewing.

The coolest features of the basic wig are, they are too lightweight, breathable and affordable. As it is wefted, you will find a lot of tiny open holes that make the cap more breathable. That’s why this type of wig cap is also known as the open wefted or open wig cap. Air can easily get in touch with your scalp and keep your head cool all the time.

Lace Front Wig Cap

A piece of lace is attached to the front portion of the wig cap that is placed on the hairline. The lace is just a thin material and almost invisible or brown in color. The virgin human hair is sewn by hand onto the lace. It is also placed on other wig caps even on the basic wig cap for giving a realistic look.

 It really gives your hairline a more natural look as if the hair were coming from the scalp. Besides, it offers easy wear and is very comfortable to use for different purposes.

Full Lace Wig Cap

The whole cap of this type of wig is lace-based with an adjustable strap. The lace color is usually transparent and perfect for all skin colors. Some of the lace is brown in color for back skin. The lace can be made with breathable mesh for comfort and you will find them with a more realistic look.

Unlike other wigs, this is a little bit costly and durable. Also, it is a versatile wig and so you can style it as you wish.

Types Of Hair Wig: According To The Hair

Once you are aware of the wig cap, you should know the wig hair. We will show you today three different types of air wigs.

  • Synthetic Hair
  • Human Hair
  • Remy Human Hair

Synthetic Wig Hair

Synthetic hair is not real human hair. It is one kind of man-made artificial hair. It is made of different types of fiber such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, etc. All synthetic hairs are not equal in quality. The quality depends on the material that is used to make hair.

Synthetic hair usually comes with a fixed hair texture and you can’t change the texture. Only a high-quality hair wig that supports heat can be changed. Most synthetic hair wigs are not heat resistant. Only some expensive hair is heat resistant and you can curl or straighten using hot hair straighteners.

Depending on hair quality, synthetic hair lasts for 2 to 6 months. If you use a hot air brush or hair straightener, it will last for only 2-3 months. On the contrary, if you don’t use hot styling tools to change the texture, then it will be last for 2 years.

Human Wig Hair

It’s 100% real human hair which is a bit costly. They are very attractive and you can DIY them or style them as your wish.

Another advantage of this hair is that it is heat friendly. So you can curl it, straighten it, or make it wavy- whatever you like applying heat.

Real human hair lasts for 1-3 years depending on how you treat the hair. Here is a reminder: heat can damages hair quickly!

Depending on the quality, there are different types of human hair wigs. Among them, we are going to discuss on most popular wig hair.

100% Virgin Hair

100% virgin hair is collected from a single donor. It comes with intact cuticles in the same direction. That is why it is the best quality human hair with no single damage. It is totally chemical-treated free and has never been dyed. 

Virgin hair is smoother and healthier with a shiny look. Very comfortable to use, and you can style this type of hair like your own hair according to your choice.

Compared to other hair, this hair type lasts for the longest. The duration ranges from 1 to 2 years. If you take good care, it will last more than a 3-year.

Remy Human Hair

The Remy human hair is also collected directly from a few donors instead of a single donor. As same as virgin hair, it has also intact cuticles in the same direction. But there are some differences from virgin hair.

After collection, it is processed with silicon and then washed away with shampoo. You can dye it or chemically treat it. This type of hair has also a healthy, silky and shiny look.

The price range is lower than virgin hair. With proper care, it can be last for a year around.

Note: Depending on the people from whom the hair is collected, there are different types of hair. Indian Remy hair wig, Brazilian Remy hair wig, etc. among them Brazilian human hair wig is very popular. It is thick enough and straight.

Normal Human Hair

Normal wig hair comes from various sources, from various people. The hair direction is not the same- that means, the top and the root get mixed.

By processing with chemicals, the hair is washed away for wig use. Though this is real hair, it becomes dull and gets tangled easily. You have to follow the tricks to make the hair silky and healthy.

You will find a normal human hair wig at a very cheap price. It will last 6 months to 1 year. For durability, we would recommend you not to use hot hair styling tools.


Just selecting the particular hair wig type, you can choose any style. Many people consider hairstyle as the hair wig type that is not the correct way. So, think about the wig cap and then the wig hair type. 

Hair texture is a fact to consider because most low-priced hair has no option to restyle with hot styling tools. Moreover, hot styling tools are not recommended to use for maximum durability. Most of the time, use a wooden brush to make the hair tangle-free.